Magpul and Colorado’s Gun Bans

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For those unfamiliar with the gun world, Magpul is a Colorado-based company that in the last decade or so has taken the firearms world by storm.  They manufacture polymer parts mostly for AR-type rifles, from buttstocks to handguards to pistol grips to selector switches to any little gizmo that could be an advantage for anyone who shoots.

Their bread and butter is the Pmag, a polymer magazine that’s become highly favored in citizen, law enforcement and military circles because it doesn’t dent and take damage the way traditional aluminum or steel magazines do.  Before Sandy Hook, you could buy Pmags for anywhere between $10-20, depending where you were shopping and what exact model you wanted.  The magazines are normally 30-round magazines, but they also come in 20s, and depending on other specific models, other sizes as well.  In general, though, a standard Pmag is a standard capacity AR magazine that runs at 30 rounds.


And now Colorado is pushing to ban them.

Formed in Colorado in 1999 by a former Marine, the successful Colorado company Magpul Industries employees over 200 people and offers over 500 polymer products.

But it’s one of their products that has garnered national attention, and controversy.

It’s the 30-round rifle magazine designed for the AR-15 and the military M4 and M16 rifles.

Famously or infamously known as the high capacity magazine.

It accounts for almost half of all sales at Magpul. “It’s the standard that’s used in our military as well as allied militaries. With state, federal and local law enforcement as well as hunters, recreational shooters, competitors and responsible citizens all over the united states,” says Duane Liptak, director of Magpul Dynamics in Erie, Colorado.

Magpul calls it the standard capacity magazine.

Colorado lawmakers want to call it illegal if House Bill 1224 passes and becomes law.

Gun banning Democrats pushed for the ban on sale, import, use, possession, manufacture, etc., in HB 1224.  The text of the Colorado bill can be found here.


The Colorado House Bill 13-1224 essentially aims to regulate the production, sale and ownership of magazines for a rifle, handgun and shotgun. Here is the exact language of the bill:

The bill prohibits the sale, transfer, or possession of an ammunition feeding device that is capable of accepting, or that can be readily converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition or more than five shotgun shells (large-capacity magazine). A person may possess a large-capacity magazine if he or she owns the large-capacity magazine on the effective date of the bill and maintains continuous possession of the large-capacity magazine.

A person who sells, transfers, or possesses a large-capacity magazine in violation of the new provision commits a class 2 misdemeanor.

A large-capacity magazine that is manufactured in Colorado on or after the effective date of the bill must include a serial number and the date upon which the large-capacity magazine was manufactured or assembled. The serial number and date must be legibly and conspicuously engraved or cast upon the outer surface of the large-capacity magazine.

The Colorado bureau of investigation may promulgate rules that may require a large-capacity magazine that is manufactured on or after the effective date of the bill to bear identifying information in addition to the serial number and date of assembly.

A person who manufactures a large-capacity magazine in Colorado in violation of the new provision commits a class 2 misdemeanor.

It would seem that this language not only limits the rights of most of us, but really singles out Magpul as a company.  Magpul wouldn’t even be able to make magazines for sale in other states without complying to Colorado’s new restrictions.

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I’ve tried hard to refrain from editorializing, but here it goes.  Magpul is known for their 30 round magazines.  This is not a “high-capacity” magazine.  It is a standard capacity magazine.  We know this.  Limiting the manufacture of these magazines will do nothing to reduce gun crime. And Magpul knows this.

The legislators drafting these measures do so in spite of the fact that nothing they are proposing will do anything to even marginally improve public safety in Colorado, and in fact, will leave law-abiding Colorado residents less able to defend themselves, strip away rights and property from residents who have done nothing wrong, and send nearly 1000 jobs and millions in tax revenue out of the state.

We like Colorado, we want to continue to operate in Colorado, but most of all, we want Colorado to remain FREE.

Ultimately, that would be nice.  But we’ll see what Colorado does.  The bill’s already passed out of committee 7-4, and if it gets through votes in the senate, with 20 Democrats and 15 Republicans, and in the house, with 37 Democrats and only 28 Republicans, it’s likely to end up made into law.  A law that will functionally destroy Magpul as a business.

Magpul knows this as well, and put this out today:

magpul leaving colorado 130214

Government killing a very successful Colorado business…  why does this seem familiar?

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