Colorado House Passes Standard Capacity Magazine Ban HB 1224; Updates: Background Check Debate HB1229

Posted: February 15, 2013 by ShortTimer in Democrats, Economic freedom, free markets, Government, Guns, Leftists, Progressives and Left, Second Amendment

CO HB 1224 was passed with a voice vote in the Colorado House this afternoon, by volume of the shouts, not by number of votes.

They’re still pushing other bans here.

Looks like Magpul will probably be moving, and so will Alfred Manufacturing, unless the Colorado Senate blocks it… which is looking highly unlikely.

Update: Denver Post:

After about 6 hours of debate, members of the Colorado House on Friday afternoon gave preliminary approval of a bill to banning high-capacity ammunition magazines.

“An overreaching majority of Coloradans support limiting these high-capacity ammunition magazines and it’s our job in the legislature to implement the will of the people,” said House assistant Majority Leader Dan Pabon, D-Denver.

Republicans could force a roll call vote later today on the bill, otherwise a final House vote will be taken on Monday.

The vote came after Republicans implored members to vote against what they called a “flawed” measure that would infringe on Second Amendment rights and kill jobs.

“It’s not good for Colorado and I urge that we do what’s right and kill this bill,” said House Minority Leader Mark Waller, R-Colorado Springs.

They’re currently making it so the government has to get involved in every firearm sale, and that so much as a loan of a firearm requires a transfer form – debating HB 1229, which mandates background checks.

As of 3:30 MST, Representative Polly Lawrence just found out that she can’t loan someone a gun without becoming a criminal… and the ban on loaning firearms just passed as of 3:33 MST by voice vote and laughter from the Democrats.

Update: Representative Priola (R) on the floor as of 4:43 MST:

“I’m going to plan my next trip to Detroit… because they seem to have solved all the ills of the world.

Where are the bill sponsors. No one’s here? The bill sponsors are not here.

Where’d they go?

Don’t they know this is what they’re supposed to do? To discuss legislation…”

Background check bill sponsors walked off.  They aren’t even there to support their own bill.

Update 2: Representative Wilson (R) just pointed out as of 4:55 MST that the ATF form 4473 means that anyone who uses marijuana can’t pass a background check.  Therefore anyone who has a legal gun in Colorado who smokes wouldn’t be able to pass a background check, and anyone who can’t pass a background check can’t prove that they’ve ever passed a background check… so their rights may be forfeit.

Update 3: 5:06 MST – Representative Gardner (R) just got Representative Labuda (D) to say that an unassembled firearm isn’t a firearm: “It’s not a firearm if it’s in pieces”, and that it doesn’t require a background check.  Ergo, all you have to do is field strip your AR and you can sell it without violating the law.  It makes the law meaningless.

Update 4: 5:22 MST – Gardner’s amendment to prevent FFL dealers from being forced to do background checks lost.  It was a Republican amendment, and wasn’t done by voice, it was done by head count until it was voted down.  Colorado has a sham government.

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