“Nativist Craziness” and the Honor System

Posted: February 27, 2013 by ShortTimer in Democrats, Genocide, Government, Guns, Ruling Class, Second Amendment, Tyranny

The first is a phrase from a Politico story:

Another advocate with close ties to the White House effort expressed frustration with the inability to create the bipartisan consensus Obama has praised in public.

“There is a sort of nativist craziness from a sort of number of people who never want any of their information about their gun ownership in the hands of the government,” the advocate said. “Those things are hard to deal with because it is essential that those records are kept somewhere.”

Nativist craziness?  Why is it essential that records of gun ownership be in the hands of the government?  Who benefits from that?  The citizen certainly doesn’t.  We’ve seen time and time again in history how that ends up.

Mike V. at Sipsey Street Irregulars brought up this bizarre quote and questioned it as well:

“Essential?” To whom? Call me a “nativist crazy” I guess but whatever bill emerges into intolerable act, we will disobey it.

The people who seek to destroy the Founders’ Republic in order to achieve their “higher purpose” are, at the core of them, fanatics. They seek our liberty and property in service to their “right-thinking.” It is ironic then that they call us “gun fanatics” when in fact all we seek is to be left alone with our God-given, natural and inalienable rights to life, liberty and property.

He also discusses an encounter with a man who wants advice on how to bury a gun, so that it can be dug up after the craziness blows over.  Mike answers on a more philosophical level, but the long and short is already an accepted maxim:

If it’s time to bury them, it’s time to use them.

Also from the Politico story:

Coburn, the group’s ambassador to gun rights groups like the National Rifle Association, won’t accept a record-keeping requirement on the grounds that it could lead to government overreach. Schumer and Manchin, who are in regular contact with gun control groups, say any bill without a records provision would be as toothless as an honor system.

Record keeping leads to confiscation.  The government doesn’t need to know what anyone owns.  It always leads to government overreach.

Why does the government need teeth against the citizen?  That’s not the function of government.

What kind of land do you want to live in where the government desires teeth against the citizen?  What kind of land is it that doesn’t trust its citizens?  What kind of nation thinks that its citizens can’t be trusted with freedom, that an “honor system” letting people live as they like is a dangerous thing?

Only despots despise their people and don’t trust them.  This just goes to show the character of Democrat Ruling Class would-be dictators like Schumer and Manchin, and why they can’t be trusted.

Any government power without a check against it by the citizen would be as toothless as an honor system.  And we’ve seen how disarmament works, over and over and over again.

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