School Vouchers, Milton Friedman, and Alabama

Posted: March 1, 2013 by ShortTimer in Cass Sunstein, Economic freedom, Education, Education reform, free markets, Government, Individualism, Liberty, Milton Friedman, Socialism

Milton Friedman’s distilled short version of why vouchers work:

HotAir has the news roundup on Alabama’s introduction of a voucher system, where the left reacted with rage.

Milton Friedman’s elaborate, thorough version of why vouchers work, why centralization is a problem, and why decentralization and freedom to choose solves many educational problems:

Around 18:40, he begins to discuss “the modern view”, which is much of what Cass Sunstein and the masters-of-men anointed elite regulators believe.  Friedman then goes on to explain how that relates to schooling, and the collectivist vs. individualist view of the purpose of education.

  1. onegreywolf says:

    Friedman is not your usual kind of thinker, he writes outside of the box of most traditional people. He takes aim at those in a critical way to bring about what is the real issue at stake. Anyone who has taken the time to read Friedman, knows to expect the unexpected in a conversation. I’m glad that Alabama has taken to time to listen in implementation of their voucher program.

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