Colorado Magazine Ban Update 3/4

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From the Denver Post:

A Colorado Senate committee on Monday passed a measure that bans ammunition magazines of more than 15 rounds after several hours of testimony from a barrage of experts, law enforcement officials and victims of mass shootings.

House Bill 1224 passed on 3-2 party line vote and moves to the Senate floor on Friday.

There’s no such thing as a pro-gun Democrat.  Most of the rest of the story is Democrats saying how they want to save teh chidrenz from teh gunz; and the usual leftist-statist “needs” for expansion of government power and restriction on the citizen.

Republican senators saved special scrutiny for David Chipman, a former agent with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms who testified in support of the bill. Chipman said the limit on magazine sizes would stop some shooters from becoming “killing machines.”

But Sen. Steve King, a Grand Junction Republican and a career police officer, tore into Chipman, asking him if he’d ever shot someone or been shot at.

“I have not,” Chipman said.

Considering that the ATF is responsible for more murders than a dozen Sandy Hooks, it might’ve been worth questioning him on what the effects of monopoly of force by the state are as well.

Like we saw yesterday when the media reported on maniac cop murderer Chris Dorner’s “high-powered ultra-dangerous death murder sniper death kill rifle”, it really doesn’t matter what it is.  The anti-rights shill will say “this will stop people from becoming ‘killing machines'” – but that’s just gibberish to push an agenda, and it’s patently false.

People who want to commit murder will commit murders.  The Aurora, CO movie theater killer went to the trouble of booby-trapping his apartment with all kinds of incendiary devices.  The Bath School Disaster, still the largest school mass murder in US history, was not done with a gun.

It will stop nothing, it will save no one, and it will endanger many people who rely on modern tools for self defense.  Of course, they are the unseen costs – the lives lost because they couldn’t defend themselves also go ignored.

This is Briana Dennison:

briana dennison murder victim

She was murdered because Amanda Collins was disarmed by unjust laws written by worthless cowards like the Democrats in Colorado.

Collins couldn’t aim her gun at the serial rapist who attacked her at the University of Nevada at Reno, where she was a student. That’s because, like most public colleges outside of Utah and Colorado, UNR is a “gun free” zone. The rule required her to leave her gun at home, leaving her defenseless the one time she needed its protection most.

In October of 2007, while walking to her car after a night class, Collins was grabbed from behind in a university parking garage less than 300 yards from a campus police office. The school’s “gun-free” designation meant nothing to James Biela, a serial rapist with a gun of his own, who saw Collins as an easy target. “He put a firearm to my temple,” she recounted, “clocked off the safety, and told me not to say anything, before he raped me.”

The university has since installed more emergency call boxes and lights in the parking structure, but Collins says that won’t stop an attacker who knows the campus is a gun-free zone, a policy she believes invites crime, and may have even emboldened the man who raped her.

Just months later, Biela went on to murder 19-year old Brianna Dennison in a case that received widespread national attention. While Biela now sits on death row, Collins is convinced the outcome would have been different had she been armed.

I know, having been the first victim, that Brianna Dennison would still be alive, had I been able to defend myself that night.

Fists/A World Without Guns by Oleg Volk

  1. Gun Free Zones is the equivalent of a demand by a political body (the authorizing lesislature) for citizens to surrender their Constitutional Rights due to a geographic location. This idiotic type of “safety regulation” is not safe, as it only results in law abiding citizens to disarm themselves while the rapist, in this instance, could obviously not give a damn about the law.

  2. […] a wonderful “gift” that people after July 1st can applaud and look fondly upon as individual tragedies like Briana Dennison are dropped into forgotten graves and future generations further down the road will be able to look fondly upon as dissidents are […]

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