Anti-Rights Andrew Cuomo Doesn’t Like Being Compared To Hitler

Posted: March 5, 2013 by ShortTimer in Democrats, First Amendment, Government, Guns, Second Amendment, Tyranny

From Capitol Confidential:

Cuomo had a sarcastic reply when asked how he felt about persistent protest of that measure, including signs comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

“It’s just another fun day at work doing the peoples’ business and working in public service to make this state a better state,” the governor said, smiling. “Oh, what a joy it is. Let’s go have another substantive conversation on an important issue.”

Yup, by disarming the citizenry, trampling their rights, and overall going full imperial against the people who employ you to protect their rights.

The real reason Cuomo’s mad?   Though he does use the same histrionics, he doesn’t look anything at all like Hitler.

He looks exactly like Goebbels.

cuomo and goebbels

Of course, if Goebbels was going to pull something like this off:

The bill passed quickly last month through a “message of necessity” that waived the legally required three-day waiting period. The Senate, led by a Republican-dominated coalition, passed the measure by a 43-18 vote less than two hours after the bill’s text became public. The Democrat-dominated Assembly passed the bill the next day, and Cuomo signed it.

He’d at least make sure there were exceptions carved out in the law for the Gestapo.

  1. sally1137 says:

    if the shoe fits, Andrew…

  2. 38specialmom says:

    Reblogged this on The Elephant in the Room and commented:
    Wow. Just wow.

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