Taxing The Natural Right of Self-Defense Out of Existence – It’s Not A Bug, It’s A Feature

Posted: March 11, 2013 by ShortTimer in Government, Guns, Leftists, Progressives and Left, Second Amendment, Tax, taxes, Tyranny

Via HotAir:

The latest item/behavior that progressives perceive as a societal vice? Firearms, obviously. Fox News reports that, as a part of the recent wave of gun-control proposals, legislators at both the federal and state level have been floating ideas for sin taxes on guns and ammunition, claiming that the added revenue will be directed toward mental health services, police training, and/or victims’ treatment.

There already is an excise tax on firearms.  From the Treasury Dept:

A. Tax Rates. The tax rates are 10% of the sale price of pistols and revolvers; 11% of the sale price of firearms other than pistols and revolvers, shells and cartridges.

C. Definition of Taxable Articles.

  • Firearm. Any portable weapon, such as rifles, carbines, machine guns, shotguns, or fowling pieces from which a shot, bullet or projectile may be discharged by an explosive. See 27 CFR 53.11.  (Note — Black powder firearms are taxable firearms).
  • Pistols. Any small projectile firearm which has a short one-hand stock or butt to an angle to the line of the bore and a short barrel or barrels, and which is designed, made, and intended to be aimed and fired from one hand. See 27 CFR Section 53.11.
  • Revolvers. Any small projectile firearm of the pistol type, having a breech-loading chambered cylinder so arranged that the cocking of the hammer or movement of the trigger rotates it and brings the next cartridge in line with the barrel for firing. See 27 CFR Section 53.11.
  • Shells and cartridges. Any article consisting of a projectile, explosive, primer, and container that is designed, assembled, and ready for use without further manufacture in firearms, pistols and revolvers.

They’ve already done this, they just want to raise it more in order to destroy people’s rights to enjoy the tools necessary for self-defense – against individual oppression or mass oppression.

HotAir lists some of the new taxes proposed, but just imagine the kinds of things you would write if you totally wanted to destroy the right to keep and bear arms.  Imagine what you would do if you wanted to oppress people, to make the poor defenseless and need your government command, to drive self-reliant citizens into crime against your taxes.  Imagine that, and that’s what you’ll find they’re proposing.

Why is it, exactly, that the responsible people who take it upon themselves to bear arms — creating positive externalities in the effort — need to be deterred or punished? I’m with these guys:

But firearms groups say a “sin tax” on firearms wrongly punishes law-abiding gun owners.

Ms. Johnson, that question that you ask and examine operates under the premise that the anti-gun, anti-rights forces aren’t out to get you.  Look at their actions, and examine their lies.  They are out to get anyone who resists themThey even sometimes outright say it.  They really do mean it.

It’s not about preventing crime, it’s not about protecting good people – it’s about expansion of government power – their personal power as rulers.  They don’t care what anyone who resists them thinks.  The sooner you do away with the notions that these legislators are somehow well-intentioned but misguided and understand that they really do hate guns, they really do hate armed citizens, and they really do think you’re too stupid to live your own life and that they NEED to dominate you, you’ll understand.

That such tyrants existed in the past is unquestioned.  The fantastic notion that tyrants will never again appear is one that exists only in the minds of those who live comfortable, insulated, protected lives.  There is no way to say “it can’t happen here” when you look and can see it is happening.


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