Asking Democrats: “Why Aren’t You Pro-Choice On Women’s Self-Defense?”

Posted: March 12, 2013 by ShortTimer in Democrats, Government, Guns, Leftists, Progressives and Left, Ruling Class, Tyranny

Via HotAir, Democrat Jim Moran of Virginia blows it off and says “next question”:

Note too the loud cheers that erupt when the question is posed.  Clearly, this woman’s concern didn’t come from the fringe, not even among Moran’s constituents.  The question of rape is especially pertinent, since it is primarily a crime of domination and power.  Why wouldn’t we want women to have the ability to change the power equation in these attacks?

The question is answered in there.

It is about domination and power – by the Ruling Class.  No, you can’t have guns – they need to dominate you and have power over you.  No, women don’t matter.  No, children don’t matter.  No, men don’t matter.  No, little people don’t matter.

They don’t want anyone to have the ability to change the power equation when it comes to domination.

Approaching this with the idea that legislators are rational, benevolent servants of the people would mean that his response makes no sense – their actions and words demonstrate that they are not.

They want you dominated by government in every aspect, from arms to sodas.  They are simply tyrants.


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