Illegal Alien Jumps Border Fence Behind McCain & Schumer

Posted: March 27, 2013 by ShortTimer in Barack Obama, Illegal Immigration, National security, Senate

From the National Review & HotAir:

mccain illegal alien 130327


…except for the ABC story at HotAir that says apprehensions are down.

Mira, the way the Border Patrol works is that if they catch them, they’re apprehensions.  If they get away, they’re listed as gotaways.  Pretty simple so far.  If there are overlapping stations, they may or may not count them as gotaways for the station, because it doesn’t look good for stations to state they’re letting illegals through.   So they may pass them off to other stations either to attempt apprehension, or to call them someone else’s gotaways, or the record of the gotaways may be passed back.  Stations do things different ways, some list gotaways to show that they’re being overrun and need additional resources, others don’t list gotaways so they can say they have the area under control.  It all depends on local management and how they feel about the situation; and different directives from DC on what constitutes what.

From what I’ve heard and seen, and from plenty of open sources as well, the border is in fact not under control, and there are in fact significantly larger numbers of aliens crossing, being apprehended, and getting away.

No small part of this is due to the fact that smuggling operations were able to listen to Obama’s statements that the Border Patrol would have reduced hours for agents – and reduced time in the field means reduced time to apprehend aliens, means more time during shift changes, and means less time to cover remote areas far from the actual station headquarters.  Just like any rural law enforcement, officers have to show up for work and then drive to where they’re needed – and often times they’re needed far from where they start their workday.

None of this is news to anyone who’s ever worked anything as simple as a delivery route, or set up a military watch or patrol of a perimeter, or just thought about it for a few minutes.  Folks have other things to do, so they typically aren’t thinking about law enforcement operations – but in this case, there’s been a cause and effect from Obama saying “reduced hours” and alien/drug smugglers knowing exactly what that means to them.

Aliens also know that Obama’s promises of ramming amnesty down the throats of American citizens is good news for fence-jumpers.  All they have to do is get in before the deadline and they get a claim to your tax dollars.


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