Dana Loesch Schools Piers Morgan

Posted: March 29, 2013 by ShortTimer in Government, Guns, Leftists, lies, Media, Second Amendment

She shuts down filthy propagandist Piers Morgan and communist Van Jones.

She talks like the gun owners in America, albeit more eloquently.

If by Piers’ logic 30 rounds means 30 deaths, 7 rounds means “23 less deaths” to Piers… meaning that 7 deaths is acceptable.  Then he states 0 deaths are acceptable.  Ergo, no guns are acceptable.

Which is the point.  Piers’ crowd is anti-gun, anti-rights, for disarmament, and for people being controlled by government for their own good.

I’d say he should go back to where he came from, but Jeremy Clarkson would be waiting for him with a cricket bat.

  1. […] Dana Loesch, when ripping Piers Morgan a new one, showed how magazine-limitation logic works.  To them, 30 rounds means 30 dead kids, and they want to go to 10 rounds, to “save” 20 kids.  Of course that means that 10 dead kids must be acceptable.  So then they want to 7 rounds to “save” 23 kids, but that means 7 dead kids is acceptable.  So really they want to go to 0 rounds to “save” all the kids.  And that means total disarmament – which is what anti-rights tyrants want; and is something that ultimately leaves entire nations – adults and kids – defenseless.  There are huge consequences to citizen disarmament. […]

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