No More Using the Term Illegal Immigrant? Fine, Then My AR-15 Will Simply Be An Undocumented Sporting Good

Posted: April 2, 2013 by ShortTimer in Guns, Humor, Illegal Immigration, Media

Via HotAir:

Yes, really. Remember, even a notorious immigration squish like McCain refuses to bow to Orwellian demands to stop using the term “illegal immigrant.” With good reason: Isn’t “illegal immigrant” itself a politically correct alternative to the statutory term “alien”? “Illegal alien” was too harsh and Other-y, so “illegal immigrant” came into vogue.

In truth, part of it is that the government never really defined alien and immigrant and all that very well.  You basically have non-immigrants, and immigrants.  Immigration law is a hodgepodge of people trying to bring in their pet constituents, and has been for generations.  It led to the definitions being rather screwy, and unnecessarily so.  But that’s beside the point, as this is about newspeak, not about the quirkiness of legal terms.

Illegal aliens are “undocumented persons” like a drug dealer is an “unlicensed pharmacist” or a murderer is an “unauthorized preemptive euthanasia specialist”.

But that’s fine, if we’re playing word games, when the Second Amendment is ignored further and guns are banned, then…

undocumented ar 15

  1. "If you cannot make them see the light, make them feel the heat" says:

    LOL! Excellent point.

  2. Robert Wyatt says:

    I also understand that there is a news (?) service that will no longer refer to illegal aliens as that but will now refer to them as undocumented aliens. Another source is going to call them undocumented and unregistered democrat voters.

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