Obama Pushing Amnesty and Border Crossings Are Up? You Don’t Say!

Posted: April 4, 2013 by ShortTimer in Amnesty, Government, Illegal Immigration
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Katie Pavlich hit this a couple days ago:

As the immigration reform Gang of Eight inside the Beltway prepares to announce a deal later this week, claiming border security will come before a path to citizenship for millions of illegals, Border Patrol agents have seen illegal border crossings double and warn the cutting of agent work hours will only result in less border security, not more.

“We’ve seen the number of illegal aliens double, maybe even triple since amnesty talk started happening,” an agent told Townhall, who asked to remain unnamed due to fears of retaliation within Customs and Border Protection [CBP], something he said is common. “A lot of these people, although not the majority, are criminals or aggravated felons.  This is a direct danger to our communities.”

Data obtained by Townhall and reported within CBP from February 5 through March 1, 2013 shows 504 illegal aliens were spotted exploiting the Tucson/Nogales area, 189 were caught on CBP intelligence cameras.  Of those 504, only 174 were apprehended and 32 of the 189 on camera were carrying large drug load packs for Mexican cartels. Some were armed with AK-47 style weapons.

Folks who live and work on the border are well aware of this.  It’s happening all up and down the Texas border, and illegals are already asking BP agents for their “Obama papers”.

HotAir covers it today:

The drones aren’t in wide enough use yet to know what the numbers look like in other spots along the border but that situation may soon be remedied. And Border Patrol isn’t thrilled at the prospect. The official data on border security is a bit different from what the drones are seeing:

According to internal reports, Border Patrol agents used the airborne radar to help find and detain 1,874 people in the Sonora Desert between Oct. 1 and Jan. 17. But the radar system spotted an additional 1,962 people in the same area who evaded arrest and disappeared into the United States.

It’s very difficult to catch illegal aliens in many remote locations throughout the American southwest.

There are pretty much three types of illegal aliens – those that are apprehended, those whose tracks/paths are found but not apprehended, and those that are neither tracked/detected nor apprehended.  The ones caught and the ones that are known gotaways or turnbacks are the only two that can be counted.  You obviously cannot count aliens whose existence you’re unaware of.

The addition of a drone that scans the area just lets you know how many more that you didn’t find on the ground got past or got scared back (and usually crossed later).  And there are more now.

To make sense of this current increase, imagine you could sneak into Canada and make 10x what you’re making now as a guy who mows lawns.  Now imagine all you have to do is just get past the mounties on the porous border, and as soon as you’re to Calgary or Ottawa, you’re scot-free, as you’re in a “sanctuary city” where no one enforces the law – and because you’re an illegal alien, they won’t enforce province or city laws against you, either.  Now imagine that the PM of Canada, we’ll call him Hockey Obama-eh, is talking about giving you a path to stay in the country legally, even though you broke the law to enter.  Don’t you think you’d go jump the line ahead of those legal suckers for a free chance at 10x your normal pay?

You just have to walk through that – once.


Oh, and let’s not forget to add in that your Institutional Revolutionary Party in the United States has been blaming all your ills on the evil Canadians – blaming them for your drug trade and crime and blaming them for your country’s failures.  Your politicians have spent years deflecting blame onto Canada – so you don’t care about Canada as a nation and you view the Canadian people as racist oppressors.  And your politicians have talked about how Canada really belongs to the US, according to some fanciful interpretation of history that was decided hundreds of years ago – so you feel you have an ethnic and historical claim and entitlement to Canada’s wealth.  Some of Canada’s liberals even believe it and are so guilt-ridden they agree with your political propaganda, too.

They have all that bacon and beer and “free” health care and you have nothing!  They stole it from you!  You deserve it!   And they’ll let you do what you want because their politicians feel like it’s not nice to kick you out (and they want  you to vote for them illegally, or legally once they make you citizens).

Look at those smug oppressors!

bob and doug mckenzie canada

And let’s add in The Race, a racist organization dedicated to promoting people from the US in Canada at the expense of Canadian citizens, all while calling Canadians who politely ask you politely to leave – racists.  So you have your own advocacy group, you have their government backing you except for a thin line of mounties, and you’re being told you’ll be able to stay, many of their people want you for cheap labor or feel you’re entitled to their land, and you believe you’re entitled to whatever you like in their land.

Don’t you think you’d be making a run for the border right now?

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