Criminals Protest in DC

Posted: April 10, 2013 by ShortTimer in Government, Illegal Immigration, International Leftists, Religion

From USA Today:

WASHINGTON — It’s been a long and arduous journey from Guatemala to the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol, but Mayra Ragon says the trip was well worth taking.

Ragon is among thousands of immigrants and their supporters who gathered under a hot sun Wednesday to show support for proposals that would grant a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s 11 million illegal immigrants.

Ragon, 30, and her husband, Saul Lopez, 35, live and work in Maryland. Both are in the country illegally.

Both are violating the law, and while still actively violating the law, are protesting demanding that they, illegal aliens, foreigners who came to the country illegally in total disregard for the law, be given the right to cut in line ahead of someone who worked hard to get here.

Ragon says she and Lopez want to “get papers to be legal, but nobody is helping.”


If she wanted to get papers to be legal, she would’ve gotten them before she came.  She’s breaking the law and asking for amnesty.  She kicked in your house door, camped out on the couch, and now wants you to invite her to stay because she thinks she’s entitled to your house.

The 28 Catholics from St. Mary’s Student Parish in Ann Arbor Mich., road a bus for 10 hours to attend the rally and to support the Hispanic community in their congregation. Deportation is a “very real problem in our community” said Father Dan Reim, a Jesuit priest at St.Mary’s.

Deportation in the “Catholic hispanic community” isn’t a real problem.  The problem is that they harbor illegal aliens who by their first step in the country are breaking the law.  The problem is their criminal acts.

That’s like the same Jesuit priest saying “incarceration is a very real problem in our priest community”.  No, the problem is you molest little boys.  The problem is the criminal acts.

The effect of criminal behavior is being felt because there is a criminal act being conducted.  Hispanics aren’t being deported.  Illegal aliens are being deported.

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