2 Chainz to Play ATF Agent on Law & Order: SVU?

Posted: April 12, 2013 by ShortTimer in Culture, First Amendment, Guns, Humor, Music

From Twitchy:

The gentleman on the left recklessly pointing a gun at his head is vulgar rapper 2 Chainz. The gentleman on the right is rapper Ice T, a.k.a. Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola from the TV drama “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

I don’t know if he’s “vulgar” – at least moreso than anyone else in his genre – nor does that really make a difference in this context.  His music to me sounds like well-produced modern rap, but nothing terribly exciting.  In general, I tend to like rap that carries a certain style of heavy beat, is more hip-hop and funk than rap, is intentional parody that’s funny, or is so bad it’s funny, or else inexplicably in Russian, so it all comes down to taste.

But even if his style of rap isn’t to my taste, let’s give credit where it’s due – I think this is a pretty good spontaneous potrayal of an ATF agent.  Not bad, 2 Chainz.

2chainz ice tatf at the range

Not bad at all, 2 Chainz.  But you have to do it with less actual thought as to what you’re doing.  It’s evident your finger’s off the trigger, and a real ATF agent would keep his finger on the trigger.

If you’re scratching your head with the muzzle all Plan 9 From Outer Space style and the trigger just is a bit out of reach, that’s cool.  Remember, it’s got to be casual stupidity and carelessness, not intentional.  Acting is sometimes hard, 2 Chainz.

plan 9 gun handling detective

Our friend Katie Pavlich pointedly pointed out that pointing a gun at one’s own head (and one at the camera) is rather foolish and promotes “reckless and dangerous gun culture in America” and got the kind of response you’d expect from someone who can’t take criticism.

Sure, maybe a serious chastisement punctuated in such a manner as to drive the point home a bit wasn’t something that Ice-T was expecting and that might have put him on the defensive because… well, it’s really stupid and indefensible jackassery.  But it seems “F off B” is all he could come up with.  Manning up to the criticism and saying “yeah, we were being reckless jackasses” is probably a little bit tougher to do than saying “F off”.  Looks like the point was made and it stung a little bit.

However, Twitter really isn’t a venue that’s conducive to explaining how the image of flaunting the danger a firearm by placing it to one’s temple is sometimes seen as a display of courage, albeit a profoundly stupid one.  That might be best left to anthropologists to examine why other masculine avenues to prove courage have faded in the last few decades – not only in the rap subculture, but in broader culture as well.  To turn this completely on its ear, it’s worth asking why is this considered a good idea or a cool pose?  What led to that cultural conclusion?  (And again I note that it does exist in broader culture as well.)

To 2 Chainz credit, his finger is off the trigger – good for safety, bad for playing an ATF agent -… though pretty much every other firearms safety rule is ignored.

While we’re on gun safety and bad examples, it’s worth considering that he may be the only one professional enough in that room to carry that gun.

Or maybe 2 Chainz has been learning firearms handling from good ol’ Tex Grebner.


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