The Inexorable Push of Leftist Gun Grabbers

Posted: April 18, 2013 by ShortTimer in Government, Guns, Harry Reid, Leftists, Liberal Fascists, Second Amendment, Tyranny
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The Senate is stalled temporarily, and even Harry Reid has been stymied for the time being.

Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) announced Thursday that the Senate will “take a pause” and return to consideration of gun legislation at a later date.

But they are not stopping.

“Yesterday, President Obama said it was a shameful day for the Senate, and it probably was, I agree. But we should make no mistake: This debate is not over, in fact this fight is just beginning,” Reid said on the Senate floor Thursday.

Nancy Pelosi said today:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday said passage of tougher gun controls is “inevitable,” projecting optimism less than 24 hours after the Senate voted down legislation central to President Obama’s strategy to reduce gun violence.

“It’s a matter of time,” Pelosi said Thursday during a press briefing in the Capitol. “It might be inconceivable to the NRA that this might happen; it’s inevitable to us.”

The anti-rights leftist gun-grabber movement will always push for tyranny, and will not stop.

“Something must be done, because that’s what the American people expect and what they deserve,” she said. “We’re just not taking no for an answer.”

The American people do not want tyranny.  We do not expect tyranny from their government as part of its function.  We do not deserve tyranny.  We’ve fought for freedom and do not want tyranny.

Pelosi and her anti-rights ilk will never give up, they will push to disarm us, and they do not stop.  But she will be given no for an answer.  When she refuses to take no for an answer and inflicts her whims upon us, she fully becomes a tyrant.

Andrew Wilkow today noted that a simple example of how the Second Amendment works is a metaphor with a man as the government and a woman as the people.  The woman is armed.

The man asks why the woman needs a gun, and says she shouldn’t have it.  She says “I need it so you won’t rape me”.  The man angrily assures her that he will not rape her.  “Then you will never have a problem with my gun,” answers the woman.

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  7. Jay Stewart says:

    I hope you get cancer

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