Leftist Huffpo Is A Joke

Posted: April 19, 2013 by ShortTimer in islam, Leftists, Media, political correctness, terrorism

First I saw this screencap of a Huffington Post story on Jawa Report:

Huffpo boston bomber muslim no clues 2

And I thought, naw, no way they’re that stupid.  There’s no possible way they can be so politically correct as to willingly ignore the mountains of evidence – mostly the Chechen brothers’ own words online and the self-professed ideology they chose to follow.  The media is already crying that Muslims will be victimized, and yet the media really did claim that the brothers muslim terrorist worldview never made a difference.

I looked for the story, but Huffpo, in the face of mocking reality, had finally started to change it – but “no clues” is visible in the Google cache version.

boston bombers huffpo no clue 1

Now it provides “few clues”, as though it still perplexes them.


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