Harry Reid Introduces S. 792 – Gunpowder Restriction Bill

Posted: April 24, 2013 by ShortTimer in Democrats, Government, Guns, Leftists, Second Amendment, Tyranny

Via GunsSaveLives, from The Hill:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Tuesday introduced a bill that would require background checks to be run on anyone buying explosive powder, a reaction to last week’s Boston Marathon bombing.

Reid introduced the bill, S. 792, for Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), who has been out sick for much of the year. But in a press statement, Lautenberg said the Boston bombing shows that background checks are needed for explosive materials.

“It defies common sense that anyone, even a terrorist, can walk into a store in America and buy explosive powders without a background check or any questions asked,” Lautenberg said Tuesday.  “Requiring a background check for an explosives permit is a small price to pay to ensure the safety of our communities.

Note the clever wordplay.  What they want to ban is blackpowder, gunpowder, reloading supplies, and everything else associated with ammunition and firearms ownership.  Frank Lautenberg is famous for being as anti-gun as they get.  The shoddy attempt at avoiding saying “we want to ban gunpowder and disarm the citizenry” and instead saying “explosive powders” makes it sound like we’re getting attacked by Persian sorcerors.

300 persian wizard

If one were to look at it logically, they’d find that the Boston terrorists didn’t use gunpowder for ammunition, or black powder, or anything else related to guns.  I’ve mentioned it before, but terrorists and US gun culture are mutually opposed.  People in US gun culture are the type who either fancy themselves as someone who would stop terrorists… or are people who have stopped terrorists.

The Boston terrorists used fireworks.

A New Hampshire fireworks store has told the FBI that it sold four-hundred dollars worth of fireworks in February to accused Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

The gunpowder in fireworks is often used in bombs.

“He just wanted the biggest, loudest stuff we had in the store,” said Megan Kearns, the assistant manager of Phantom Fireworks, in an interview with ABC News affiliate WMUR.

So the proposed bill, which regulates only gun owners, and is only targeted at gun owners, would do absolutely nothing when it comes to what terrorists have done.  Lautenberg’s bill exists only to harass gun owners and reloaders and destroy American gun culture.  Firework gunpowder and ammunition gunpowder have been very different things for a long, long time now.

From the Hill:

Under current law, people can buy up to 50 pounds of explosive “black powder” with no background check, and can buy unlimited amounts of other explosive powders, such as “black powder substitute” and “smokeless powder.”

Lautenberg’s bill would require a background check for the purchase of any of these powders.

It would also let the attorney general stop the sale of explosives if a background check shows the applicant is a known or suspected terrorist, and if there is a belief the explosives will be used for terrorism.

He is going after gunpowder, not after what the bombers used.  They bought fireworks and disassembled them.  Lautenberg wants to destroy US gun culture one piece at a time.

It would also require a permit to make homemade explosives, and direct the government to study how to better trace the use of explosive powders.

So is Lautenberg that stupid or does he just think you are?  Terrorists would try to get permits to make homemade explosives?  Really?

Also, as I noted when Lautenberg first proposed this Second Amendment-stomping dictate, you can still drive to your corner gas station and buy gallons and gallons of highly flammable, destructive gasoline.

There also seems to be a cultural component to this.  I’m sure once he’s banned guns, next Lautenberg will be the type to want to ban fireworks, and leave all fireworks displays to specific fireworks-trained government-appointed authorities on fireworks who will handle that dangerous work and keep fireworks out of the hands of dangerous terrorists like you, so peons like you can celebrate International Workers Day and see the glorious fireworks of the state.  Were he on a smaller scale, he’d be the type to ban fireworks for “the children” because some North Park kid got his hand blown off, leaving you with snakes and snap-pops.

south park snake summer sucks

He’s surely that kind of nanny-state asshole as well as dictator wannabe.

Link to the bill at govtrack (no text posted yet).


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