Eric Holder: Amnesty For Criminals Is A Civil Right

Posted: April 28, 2013 by ShortTimer in Amnesty, Eric Holder, Illegal Immigration, International Leftists, Leftists, Redistribution

Via Drudge, from FOX:

There is no “unauthorized”, there is illegal.  That’s like saying “unauthorized sexual partner” for rapist, or “unauthorized euthanasia provider” for murderer.

These are illegal aliens, in the country illegally.  They are criminals.

The “these are civil rights” argument is nonsense.  It’s collectivism stealing words from righteous causes.  This is amnesty for barbarism.

The person who is accepted into your family, works to join your house because he wants to be a part of it, works to contribute to your property, asks for your daughters’ hand, and sleeps in a bed in your house with your daughter because he’s a member of your family is now being replaced by the barbarian who invades your home.  Holder speaks in collectivist bullshit, wherein everyone in the world who can break into your house now somehow has a right to your property, has a right to what you worked for, has a right to eat your food and rape your children – and because they’ve done so, is now a member of your house.

This is leftist collectivist redistribution of property, wealth, and national identity by declaring that what the US has created isn’t ours, and is the property of anyone who can take it.  This amnesty is the legal framework for justifying complete obliteration of the nation – because now they have a “civil right” to what’s yours.

Their might, their decision to break the law, their decision to invade, now grants them a “civil right” to everything you have and have worked for.

As for how he treats his actual “friends and neighbors”, he sent guns to Mexican narcoterrorist cartels to kill Mexican citizens.  Those who want to better their own country were his target.

  1. Robert Wyatt says:

    Amnisty is a civil right? Maybe next week Sir Nut Case will decide that a baby being aborted is a civil right as well…For the record Barry, God will never bless an abortion clinic, and he will never bless those who work there terminating the life of an unborn child…LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION……………………………

  2. americaforus says:

    So if I got a DUI or stole I can ask for amnesty? Why is the definition of Illegal different for those coming here different than other illegal activities? This is what is wrong with America and why we need to revamp the whole political system for America to survive.

  3. I especially love how coming into the country illegally is a civil right, but trying to legally utilize our refugee law because their home country will take away their children b/c they are homeschooling(the Romeikes), well Holder’s DOJ is arguing in fed court they shouldn’t have refugee status b/c their civil rights aren’t being violated.

    Makes my brain hurt.


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