Obamacare in Three Words

Posted: May 17, 2013 by ShortTimer in Barack Obama, Government, Leftists, Obamacare, Tyranny, White House

On Twitter.  Via Legal Insurrection:

obamacare in 3 words

And just so there’s also a high road response:

“Tax to live” works as well.  Frankly, it’s the kind of smugness to be expected from this White House that smuggles guns to narcoterrorist cartels to undermine the Second Amendment, leaves our ambassadors to die and blames it on the First Amendment, targets citizens with different opinions with the IRS, and targets reporters who aren’t quite being the perfect Obama-propagandists with wiretaps.  Hence why the low road response comes first.  They’ve earned it.

There were several really good tweets by a host of folks who find this insulting and demeaning, if not tyrannical:

obamacare in 3 words boehner

obamacare in 3 words responses

obamacare in 3 words responses 2

And the best for last:

obamacare in 3 words peoples cube

  1. owlworks says:

    Benghazai. AP. IRS.

    Thank God “the law” doesn’t mean much any more.

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