Watergate and Obama

Posted: May 20, 2013 by ShortTimer in Barack Obama, Government, Media, Politics, Tyranny
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From the UK Telegraph:

…Four decades after Watergate and two decades after his death, we still can’t stop talking about the dark anti-hero of American politics. …

The latest non-Watergate to be labelled its second coming is actually a combination of three separate scandals afflicting the Barack Obama administration.

The collective weight of this scandalabra threatens to derail the president’s ambitious legislative agenda, dragging him to premature lame duck status. But it doesn’t represent outright criminality emanating from the Oval Office or promise to provoke a constitutional crisis, however fervently Obama’s critics might wish it.

In fact the ritualistic invocation has the opposite to the desired effect, making the scandals look smaller than they are by comparison with Nixon’s. So, partisan projections aside, how do these scandals really stack up?

The Telegraph author criticizes the comparison of Watergate, then goes on to note how “the IRS scandal is the most serious”, but frankly, he’s got it backwards.

Fast and Furious, which was hushed up by a complicit media, was the most serious.  Then Benghazi, which is starting to get attention.  Hundreds have died from Fast and Furious.  Four have died from Benghazi.

The IRS scandal and the AP snooping scandal are chilling effects of tyranny, but they aren’t the administration covering up murders, or covering up leaving an ambassador and his staff to die.

Finally, there is the continuing inquiry into the killing of four Americans in Benghazi. After damning congressional testimony from former deputy chief Libya diplomat Greg Hicks, the White House belatedly released a barrage of emails – which showed that the editing of the now-infamous “talking points” used by officials in television interviews was largely the product of a bureaucratic turf war between the CIA and the State Department.

Yeah, except that doesn’t cut it.  The talking points are a question of who’s covering up what and why.  The “bureaucratic turf war between CIA and State Department” is a whitewash by the media.

Who ordered the stand-downs?  Why wasn’t there an F18 doing a low altitude flyby over Benghazi at supersonic speeds  and terrifying the terrorists by showing American air power was there?

This media look at the Obama scandals is entirely backwards, but it is right to recognize that Watergate and Obama’s four scandals are different.

Nixon had CREEP and the Plumbers out playing political tricks and breaking into hotels.

Obama shipped guns to narcoterrorist cartels that have killed hundreds (including two USBP Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata), left a US ambassador and his staff to die and then lied about it and played politics with the coverup, then he went after political opponents with the IRS and went after media with the DOJ.

Nixon’s Watergate was some shady political tricks.  Obama’s scandals are murder.


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