Molon Labe by Boltface; Gun News Roundup 6/3/2013

Posted: June 3, 2013 by ShortTimer in First Amendment, Government, Guns, Music, Second Amendment

Lyrics at the link, but the political soundbites you have to listen to it for.

And in recent gun news:

John Kerry’s all for the UN’s gun ban treaty.

Anti-gun, anti-rights, director of Ceasefire Tio Hardiman was busted for beating his wife.  Not a big surprise that the wife-beater wants to disarm all women.

And progressive leftist AmberDawn, who wanted people to murder CC holders in IL, has not-so-mysteriously vanished.

For those unaware of it, there are reasons not to fire warning shots.

Magpul is suing Colorado to invalidate CO’s new draconian rights-suppressing anti-gun laws… but regardless of that lawsuit’s outcome, they’re still leaving Colorado.

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