IRS Employees Refused To Say Who Ordered Targeting Of Conservative Groups

Posted: June 5, 2013 by ShortTimer in Government, Tax, taxes

  1. The Citizens United ruling in 2010 has made it virtually impossible for the IRS to do its job properly….There is way too much grey area and a lot of room for people to screw up..

    • ShortTimer says:

      The IRS specifically targeted conservative groups. IRS agents were told to target conservative groups. The IRS is an organization that is ideologically to the left, and used its influence to punish its enemies at the behest of a leftist administration. None of that is in question.

      Citizens United has nothing to do with IRS agents targeting conservative groups.

      Citizens United was a decision that finally allowed individuals to associate and spend their money on political ads as they see fit.

      There is no “gray area”.

      Conservative groups filled out the forms and asked for specific tax statuses just like leftist groups already have and they were targeted because they were conservative.

      The IRS targeted conservative groups. Citizens United had nothing to do with this.

      The IRS was asking people what the contents of their prayers were:

      That has nothing to do with Citizens United, has nothing to do with tax law, has only to do with targeting ideologies that the IRS and its masters don’t like.

      • I have read the ruling on Citizens United….Anyone who thinks it is good for America must hate the common man….only 1/3 of the 296 groups the IRS unfairly went after were conservative groups….Progressive groups were targeted too.

        Your stance on this is way off….Citizens United put the IRS in a spot no one would want to be in….Carry on though.

      • ShortTimer says:

        Progressive groups were targeted? Really? Where were the groups targeted for having names like “green” or “progressive”?

        Hell, even propagandists at Mother Jones who’d surely parrot the same stuff you are admit that didn’t happen.

        And 1/3 being targeted specifically still is 1/3 being targeted specifically. So what? If 1/3 of the traffic stops by police in a town are black, and 1/3 of the arrests are black, does that mean the cops aren’t racist?

        Proves nothing either way.

        Media corporations (by and large leftist –, can produce whatever stories they like for the duration of a candidacy. They aren’t beholden to anything regarding limits of free air time donated to candidates, or spent running against candidates.

        Media corporations act unfettered in their advocacy or denouncement of candidates, while other citizens are left with no voice. Freedom of the press is only for those who own one, in your world.

        “Anyone who thinks it is good for America must hate the common man.”

        Really? Nice argument.

        Anyone who thinks it’s bad for America must be a goat-molesting Hitler-worshipper.

        Bye now, thanks for playing.

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