Public Service Announcement Concerning New York

Posted: June 11, 2013 by ShortTimer in Government, Guns, Leftists, Second Amendment, Tyranny, United States Constitution

Never go there.

From the smugly sanctimonious “you’re an idiot because even someone from Mars knows the Second Amendment means nothing here, pissant” NYT:

A subset of visitors to New York City looks, on the surface, just like the rest. Some are high profile, like the boxer this year, and the football player, and the Tea Party leader from California. They are joined by the anonymous: the military wife from Minnesota, and the hazardous waste expert. There was a minister, and a surgeon, and someone in pest control.

What sets them apart is what each brings along on a visit to the city. A handgun. The guns are legally owned, with the home state permits all in order. The visitors have locked the gun in a box and checked it at the local airport, as they were told to do by the airline. But for these visitors, the trip to New York will almost certainly end in handcuffs and felony weapons charges, and their flights home will leave without them.

Short short version: everything’s illegal, you will go to jail you provincial serf.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Jack Ryan said visitors should know better. “New York gun laws are not exactly a secret,” he said. “If you were on Mars and you wanted to know who had strict gun laws, I think most people would know they’re pretty strict.”

“Pretty strict” and “absolute prohibition” are two different things.  New York is a Constitution-free zone.

And remember, they want to bring their absolute prohibition to your neighborhood, too.

I’m cheering for the coyotes.

wiley coyote pet eating

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