Superman is an Immigrant and Other Amnesty Nonsense

Posted: June 16, 2013 by ShortTimer in Amnesty, Crime, Illegal Immigration, terrorism

Via Breitbart:

A group supporting an open-borders policy on immigration is trying to use the nationwide release of Man of Steel to further its cause.

We Are the American Way, a project from Define American, has a new site dubbed “Superman Is an Immigrant” meant to piggyback on the cultural conversation around the superhero film.

Well, let’s run with that for just a bit.

Technically, Superman was adopted by US parents, so his legalization process actually isn’t all the difficult.  There aren’t any issues with his original country, since Krypton was destroyed, so technically he’d be a refugee, and if he were an adult, he’d be able to file for asylum and he’d be allowed into the US pretty easily.  The asylum officer would process his claim, but in the meantime, he’d be staying in the US.

So Superman has virtually nothing to do with the illegal immigration debate.

But y’know who does?

General Zod & company

General Zod and his crew aren’t coming to the US (or Earth) as children, or as refugees.  They’re coming to take jobs that Americans (aside from Obama) won’t do – like supreme leader.  Their first encounters with the US are to violate US laws, and they really don’t care what you think.

There’s also this guy:


Darkseid, in the same manner, doesn’t really care about your borders.  He also doesn’t care about your life, except as it provides utility to  him.

Your laws are meaningless.

Then there’s these guys:

illegal aliens shoot cops free stuff

Difference is that these guys are real, and they’re plundering you because your government has a welfare state that will give handouts to anyone.  Rich politicians whose quality of life will never be impacted by their actions can spend your money to make themselves feel better and morally superior, all the while telling you that you deserve to be plundered from and criminals deserve your stuff.  They set up a world where the criminals – the illegal aliens – get handouts at your expense, and you’re blamed for the illegal aliens’ problems, and you’re taxed for the illegal aliens’ problems, and the illegal aliens and their supporters are paid in government benefits to keep voting for the same politicians.

At least Zod and Darkseid are honest about their desire to conquer and plunder.  Real life politicians convince you that criminals from other nations somehow have a right to what you’ve built in your nation.

They’re making it so the home invader that breaks into your house now has a right to sleep in your bed, and the guy ringing the doorbell – the legal alien – gets screwed.

But there’s nothing day-to-day about illegal aliens in sanctuary cities that ever causes problems, is there?

But nothing bad ever comes from having lax immigration laws and not deporting illegals, right?



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