Cartel Violence In Mexico

Posted: June 17, 2013 by ShortTimer in Corruption, Crime, Government, Guns, Illegal Immigration

With all this recent discussion of the Gang of Eight telling US citizens that their birthrights hard-earned by their ancestors are meaningless, and telling naturalized US citizens that their hard-earned citizenship is meaningless, all because some RINOs want cheap labor and some Democrats want more voters, it’s worth looking at what’s going on in Mexico every so often.  After all, Mexico is a large source of illegal aliens and crime in the US, whether they be Mexican nationals or other-than-Mexicans (as CBP refers to them) who are simply smuggled through the porous border.

Consider a couple of recent incidents of cartel violence – four women accused of being members of one cartel being butchered by another cartel; and other people accused of being cartel members being decapitated (graphic).

That’s what’s going in in Mexico right now.

Meanwhile, the Mexican authorities are disarming the terrorized citizens in Michoacan, leaving them totally defenseless at the hands of the cartels and the police.

The mayor’s words strongly thundered like rockets on Sunday, May 19 setting the public on alert when the military arrived to try to disarm the people:

“The situation was unbearable!  We were all being extorted.  Even in the municipality we had to give them 10% of the budget each month and they were already starting to ask for 15%.  This happens with all the municipalities in the state and the governor even knows about it.  We accepted it at first, but when we stopped was when they started to mess with our families; they raped and took our wives, our daughters.  That’s when we said—Enough! This is a matter of dignity.”

After serious unrest with the Knights Templar cartel with citizen self defense groups fighting against the rapes (because the extortion is just how they expect to live), the police and military came in…

The order was to calm the area, but the first thing that they did was try to disarm the self defense groups that organized themselves to fend off attacks from the Knights Templar cartel.

The people responded with mass marches in the three municipalities, which has never been done before in the past, refused to turn in their weapons and kept the military from being placed in charge of the checkpoints.  “If we turn in our weapons the gunmen will kill us,” said a member of the Civic Association of Tepalcatepec, which has more than 1,000 men participating in the surveillance of Tepalcatepec.

Over the days the situation has become tenser because the federal forces have become dedicated in disarming the self defense groups and not fighting the Knights Templar cartel.  Until Friday May 24th, there hasn’t been a single criminal arrested.

The citizens have to pay fines to the cartels in order to live – just forking over their money in large amounts.  The cartel controls the countryside and extorts taxes by force.  When the cartels decided to go further, people finally started resisting.

“We were paying the quotas and everything would’ve stayed that way, but they started to mess with our families, with the women, they were forced to have sex with them; if they were to refuse, they would kill their parents.  They even forced the married women.  Yet no one dares to report them, it’s bad.  That is why people said enough is enough, this is about dignity.”

-“Then is it true that those who couldn’t pay the quota were forced to give them their daughters or wives?”

-“Yes, that was the problem.  The government is aware of this situation but does nothing because everyone’s in on it: the deputies, senators and maybe even the President, all this is a cancer that can’t be stopped.”

It’s worth noting this system of looting is endemic to Mexico, and applies not only at the criminal level, but at the governmental level.

It’s also worth noting that an immigration policy that lets anyone who’s broken the law just stay – and that is the objective – is going to be letting in huge numbers of cartel and gang members.  There’s no benefit to the US by importing these criminals – not just the run-of-the-mill drunk driver illegal aliens but the ultraviolent narcoterrorist cartel sicarios.


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