The GOP Push For Amnesty: Debating Themselves

Posted: June 17, 2013 by ShortTimer in Amnesty, Government, Illegal Immigration, Republican, Senate

The last post on this topic here.  There’s no shortage of people who hold the same critical opinion of the two-faced Republicans.

HotAir has stumbled on the perfect person for Paul “Turncoat Screech” Ryan to debate about amnesty:

I’m assuming he would say that earned citizenship, which is slightly different, also doesn’t qualify as amnesty. In that case, I’ve got the perfect debate opponent for him. Meet Marco Rubio, candidate for Senate. October 24, 2010:

RUBIO: First of all, earned path to citizenship is basically code for amnesty. It’s what they call it. And the reality of it is this. This has to do with the bottom line that America cannot be the only country in the world that does not enforce its immigration laws.

It is unfair to the people that have legally entered this country to create an alternative pathway for individuals who entered illegally and knowingly did so.

Yup, good ol’ Marco “Quisling” Rubio.

rubio amnesty

The Heritage Foundation is ready to debate it.

Yesterday at a forum on immigration sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers, House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) said the Senate’s Gang of Eight bill “is not amnesty” because “amnesty is wiping the slate clean and not paying any penalty for having done something wrong.”

We beg to differ, Mr. Chairman.

Much of the debate in Washington has focused on how and when illegal immigrants receive permanent legal resident (PLR) status, commonly referred to as a green card, which then funnels into citizenship.  While proponents correctly note that process will take up to 15 years, it is the wrong focus.

The appropriate focus is on the process of acquiring registered provisional immigrant (RPI) status.  This legalization process begins when the Secretary of Homeland Security submits two plans to Congress, a mere six months after enactment, and is open to nearly every illegal immigrant who has been physically present in the country before January 1, 2012.  After acquiring RPI status, formerly illegal immigrants will have legal status in the United States, allowing them to work, live, and travel abroad.

Read the whole thing here.

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