The Inexorable Push: Gun News Roundup 6/17/13

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From Weekly Standard – Obama reignites gun fight:

With an email today from the daughter of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, the group formerly known as the Obama reelection campaign, Organizing for Action, is reigniting the fight over guns in America.

In the weeks and months after that horrible day, lawmakers from across the country told us, the families of the victims, that they’d take action to make our communities safer. What we found out is that, for some of our members of Congress, those were empty promises.  …

If a background check saves even one life, and keeps even one family from hurting like this, then this fight will all be worth it. I think my mom would like to know that the tragedy that fell on Newtown meant that another tragedy could be stopped before it even started.

And there’s a link to, which is his perpetual campaign fundamental change machine that will remake America into what his ilk want whether you like it or not, and whether the citizen likes it or not.

The sob story email (I began to lose patience with the Newtown antis a while ago) brings up the same garbage.

No background checks could have saved lives in Newtown, because the murderer there stole his guns from his mother, who he also murdered.

The argument that “if it saves one life” is the same argument that the NSA is using to spy on everyone.  This is an argument for tyranny – necessity, the plea of tyrants.

Chucky Schumer is trying to tell Bloomberg that he should stop making anti-gun ads that people hate completely, and find more subversive ones to make.

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) criticized New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his gun control ads, labeling them ineffective.

“Frankly, I don’t think Bloomberg’s ads are effective,” Schumer told TIME Magazine in a report posted Thursday. “The Mayor of New York City putting ads against people in red states is not going to be effective.”

He’s entirely correct.  He’s not opposed to the billionaire Empire State dictator pushing around the little people, he’s all for it – he just thinks they’re stupid enough to be pushed around in different ways.

Schumer also offered an alternative gun control ad script, one he believed would be more effective than the ones Bloomberg has run.

“Now I’m an NRA member. I’m proud of that,” Schumer narrated, taking on the persona of a Nevada gun shop owner. “My daddy was, his daddy before him, and my kids are going to be NRA members. But on this one? Background checks? They’re wrong. That background check ain’t gonna affect me. I’m a law-abiding citizen. It’ll just affect felons, spousal abusers, people [who are] mentally ill. So on this one, I don’t agree with the NRA.”

Of course, that “background check ain’t gonna affect me” is nonsense.  The objective of universal background checks is universal registration, is universal confiscation, is a government that has monopoly on all force.

oleg volk government killing

And finally, a piece, and it’s a real steaming piece, from Daily Beast, titled “Free the ATF from the Gun Lobby”:

With approximately 15,000 people dying from the criminal misuse of guns each year, the ATF’s mission of shutting down the illegal supply of guns to criminals is of vital importance. For years, however, the ATF has been left without the resources—and leadership—to effectively intervene in the illegal market for guns. One of the best ways to stem this flow of guns is to identify which gun dealers are improperly selling to criminals.

Remember, the ATF instructed dealers to sell to criminals.  They made it so criminals would pass background checks.  They gave guns to narcoterrorist cartels and said of dead Border Patrol agents “if you want to make an omelette, you’ve got to scramble some eggs”.

The Daily Beast writer is a lying propagandist.

Congress, however, has made this as hard as possible. Out of fear of ATF creating a gun registry—which would inevitably be used to confiscate all of America’s guns (of course!)—gun-control opponents have forced ATF to trace guns the way 17th-century monks copied texts: by hand.

Ignoring the shit-eating smug snark that ignores every historical precedent about registration for a moment and moving on…

Y’know what else that’s called?  Police work.  The job of the government is not to make the government’s job as easy as possible.  That’s how all citizens become slaves.

When a gun is found at a crime scene, ATF agents can’t just look up who owned the gun in a computer database. They first have to call the gun manufacturer and find out which wholesaler purchased it. Then they have to get the wholesaler on the line and find out which dealer purchased the gun from the wholesaler. Then they have to call the gun dealer and have the dealer’s files searched by hand to identify the first consumer to purchase the gun. If the gun dealer is no longer in business, ATF agents have to search through files—many of them handwritten—maintained in cardboard boxes, one by one. Because we don’t require background checks on all gun sales, all this work may be for naught. Even if the person who bought the gun is identified, he may just say he sold the gun to an unknown person. For this secondary transaction, which is perfectly legal, there won’t be any files to sift through.

The process is daunting and, given modern technology, foolish. And yet the ATF is asked to do this over 300,000 times per year.

No, the process is pretty simple, as explained.

If the argument is all about modern technology being used to make police work easier, why don’t we just implant everyone with a chip to solve missing persons cases for the FBI?  Why not just stick everyone in a cell and have them live there so we’ll know if something’s gone wrong?  We can just feed them as necessary and keep them in their boxes and the world will be completely safe and efficient.

Cracking down on the handful of rogue gun dealers who fortify the supply of crime guns is made even more difficult by a law that prohibits the ATF from making more than one unannounced inspection per year to any gun dealer.

Awww.  Woe is them?  Y’know, maybe if the ATF wasn’t the biggest rogue dealer in the nation in the last decade, maybe I’d have some sympathy.  But seeing as how they’ve provided guns for cartels, and guns for gangs, too, why should anyone ever support these jack-booted murderous thugs who arm cartels and kill other federal agents – and then laugh and get promoted for it?

Yeah, I’m looking at you, David “Brian Terry Is An Egg For Me To Scramble So I Can Shit On The Constitution” Voth.

atf david voth

The whole Beast article is leftist-statist anti-gun, anti-rights, anti-freedom propaganda, demanding a greater power for an agency that’s murdered hundreds of Mexican citizens and 2 US federal agents.

More recently, Fast and Furious, the poorly devised and managed sting operation that allowed guns bought in the U.S. to get into the hands of Mexican drug lords, is the source of frustration with the ATF—even though it appears that much of the blame lies with the local federal prosecutors who refused to approve arrests of the gun traffickers.

No, getting caught was a source of frustration for the ATF.

“Much of the blame lies with the local federal prosecutors”?  The ATF ran guns to cartels.

They ran guns to cartels.


This was not a botched sting.  It was sending guns south to find them at crime scenes.  That’s all.

The Daily Beast writer is a disgusting propagandist.

Nice thing is, the comments hit back a lot:

Another out of control, unconstitutional  government agency that cries for more of our tax dollars. This is the same group of people who PURPOSELY allowed firearms to be bought with the knowledge that they would be brought across the border to Mexico to enter the “Drug War” pipeline and thus create a demand for more government-sponsored gun control. This “Operation Fast and the Furious” is a far bigger scandal than Watergate ever was, and resulted in the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, yet nobody in the current administration has been held to account for this atrocity.

More funding? Shut these people down- NOW.

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