Clackamas County’s Glock Block – It Worked At The Clackamas Mall

Posted: June 18, 2013 by ShortTimer in Crime, Culture, Guns, Second Amendment

Via Drudge, from FOX and UK Daily Mail:


After an increase in crime, residents of an Oregon neighborhood have decided to take up arms instead of involving the police.

According to the DailyMailOnline, neighbors have organized what they call a ‘Glock Block,’ after several residents obtained concealed carry permits.

glock block clackamas

Good to hear.

This is in the same Clackamas county as the Clackamas Mall Shooting – which was ended by a concealed carry holder’s show of force last year:

CCW holder Nick Meli didn’t even have to fire to stop the murderer.  Merely the show of force ended the threat and the murderer, once out of defenseless victims, killed himself.

keep calm and carry guns

  1. I really respect your thoughts and informed knowlage on gun-rights. I support the Second Amendment because I understand the reasoning of our founding fathers when they gave it to us.
    I’m a visually impaired person, but the amount of sight I still have, I believe with visual aids, I could use a gun safely. I intend to look into that. strictly on Second Amendment principles, I mean if we as citizens don’t exercise our rights we’ll loose them faster. As far as confiscation goes, during Hurricain Katrina, the police went around and confiscated guns from legal gun owners, house-to-house. they had in my opinion, no constitutional authority to do that; and the disaster situation did not warrant that srong-arm bullshit either. So, fears of registry and confiscation are not all together unfounded. The historical understanding of the relationship between freedom and arms has largely been lost. In this inane PC climate, many people have an irrational fear about having a gun in the house. It’s small wonder people would rather give into the fear for public safety perpetuated by politicians who want to disarm the American people.

    • ShortTimer says:

      Worth noting is the Gun Control Act of 1968 – a knee jerk response to Kennedy’s assassination – was a copy of Nazi gun laws.

      Also worth watching and also from the JPFO:

      Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice, and moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue, after all.

      If the would-be tyrants in government weren’t trying to inflict defenselessness on everyone, it would be a simple matter of personal choice as to what level of self-defense an individual chooses and feels responsible with.

      Freedom to choose would be ideal.

      I’d far prefer to have a discussion about the relative merits of what individuals feel comfortable with than have to constantly fight back against encroachment (and ultimately oppression) by the state.

      Everybody has difficulty seeing at night – and that’s when bad things often happen. So consider that as well.

      Some companies make high-visibility sights, optics, lasers, etc., that if you were interested in such things, might help. And a good flashlight never hurts (and often helps defuse situations before they start).

      Plus having your wits about you is probably more valuable than the last few lines on the eye chart anyway.

      Thanks for the comment and note of support!

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