Bloomberg Using NYC Resources To Attack The Constitution

Posted: June 23, 2013 by ShortTimer in Corruption, Government, Guns, Leftists, Second Amendment, Tyranny

Ace Of Spades hit this the other night (and it’s been sitting in my browser since):

Is Michael Bloomberg Using City Resources For His “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” Group?

I really hate doing the question headline, but this definitely needs answering. I started poking around last night.

At first I pinged and found that it was resolving at a New York City government IP address.

He’s got some data in a screenshot that tech-savvy folks will be able to read more clearly, but basically, NYC runs MAIG.

It turns out I didn’t even have to look that closely, because the domain is registered to the city of New York. As you can see there, the registrant name is “NYC DoITT”, which is the New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications.

Thing is, this is a tax exempt lobbying group that’s being run by the city, which means it’s quite contrary to the law.

The Weekly Standard picked it up – and it hit Drudge today.  They did find some new info that actually makes it seem worse.

In a phone call with THE WEEKLY STANDARD, Mayor Bloomberg’s press secretary Marc La Vorgna confirmed the City of New York’s involvement with the domain’s purchase and hosting.

When asked whether the purchase and subsequent hosting of the domain by New York City’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications was accidental or intentional, La Vorgna replied that the purchase had “definitely been vetted.”

La Vorgna continued, saying that Mayor Bloomberg’s push for changes to federal firearms law was part of the “federal agenda for New York City” and compared it to other efforts Bloomberg, as mayor, has undertaken—like the effort he and other mayors are involved in to limit the use of food stamps in purchasing sugary drinks.

There’s a lot of hemming and hawing afterwards, but basically, Bloomberg has merged his dictatorial interests with NYC, and the two are one and the same, regardless of legality, and no one will stop him if it’s illegal, everyone will make excuses, and his scheming and power plays will continue.

Bloomberg and NYC are the same, and the “federal agenda for NYC” is to functionally destroy the Second Amendment.  Well, all right then.  At least they’re getting more open about it.


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