What if Jorge Zimmerman were Juanita Zimmerman?

Posted: July 14, 2013 by ShortTimer in Crime, Culture, Media

Listening to MSNBC last night for a bit, I heard some twisted logic that Martin was justified in beating Zimmerman because Zimmerman would ultimately shoot him.  MSNBC hosts basically believed that because of Zimmerman’s reactions to getting beaten that those were actions he was going to take no matter what – that he was going to go and shoot Martin, so Martin should jump Zimmerman in his own “self-defense”.  Which is the same kind of logic that says the Japanese were defending themselves at Pearl Harbor… but without digressing too far…

With all this talk of “what if the races were reversed?”, and all the wild justifications for Zimmerman getting beaten by Martin along those insane lines, and the statement that having his nose broken and his head bashed on concrete by someone who was taller and stronger than he was… what if this picture:

zimmerman nose broken

Was replaced with this one of a neighborhood watch-woman Juanita Zimmerman with a black eye?

domestic violence hisp 1

Or this one, with a “white hispanic” neighborhood watch-woman Georgia Zimmerman with a broken nose?

domestic violence 2

I wonder what the media outcry would look like then?  Would they tell Juanita Zimmerman or Georgia Zimmerman it was all her fault, that she deserved it, that she’s to blame, that Martin should’ve been beating her because of what she did… after being beaten?

Just wondering…

Would the media then look at all the facts of the case, and how there were poor decisions made by all parties involved that led to tragic outcomes?  Would they begin to understand the jury’s decision?  Or would it be more of the “she deserved it”?

  1. It is a travesty that the race hustlers are pointing to the rare case of a black being killed by a non-black, in self defense, when the vast majority of such incidents are black on black involving not self defense but drug turf wars. It reeks of racist misdirection. How about informing Fast & Furious AG Holder of the real problem?

    • ShortTimer says:

      They omit what Zimmerman’s brother mentioned last night on Piers Morgan’s show – Zimmerman was mentoring black children.

      If he and Trayvon Martin had met under even slightly different circumstances, they’d probably have gotten along well.

      It really is tragic.

      The race hustlers are intent on creating greater problems to get involved in so they can push their own agendas.

      That includes Mr. “If I Had A Son”. Crises going to waste and all.

      Doesn’t do justice for Martin or Zimmerman.

      “No justice, no peace” by those manufacturing injustice are also manufacturing conflict.

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