Obama Spin and “Phony” Scandals – Count In Fast and Furious

Posted: July 27, 2013 by ShortTimer in Barack Obama, Government, Leftists, lies, Media, Operation Gunwalker
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From HotAir:

James Taranto, Noah Rothman, Ace, and, as you’ll see, Steve Hayes: Lots of righties are asking this question after O tossed it into his snooze of a speech. And it’s not just O. Remember, Carney sneered about pretend scandals yesterday too in his skirmish with Scarborough on “Morning Joe.” This is, it seems, an official White House talking point, adopted by The One himself. Somehow, after five years and several thousand “pivots” to stupid and/or dangerous left-wing agenda wishlist items, the White House has decided that all it really wants to talk about is the economy and it’s damned tired of being distracted from doing so, don’tcha know.

So, which scandals — plural — are phony? Benghazi is, certainly. The left’s been insisting since before Chris Stevens was laid to rest that there’s zero sign of government malfeasance here, despite the fact that State ignored numerous warnings that the consulate was operating in one of the most dangerous places on earth with only a skeleton security crew to protect it. The IRS scandal’s also phony…

And so’s Fast and Furious.  The left has decided all scandals and all criminal actions by Obama are phony.

The left has been yelling Shut Up! since Brian Terry was murdered.

sally kohn tweet f&f

Send thousands of guns to Mexico under an official ATF program approved all the way to the White House, stonewall congressional investigation attempts, hush it up with the lie of “ongoing investigation” and then use executive privilege (which can only be legitimately used if it did go to the Pres), and suddenly it all goes away.

Lenin was right.  A lie repeated often enough become truth.

  1. Chad Russell says:

    I wonder what Kent Terry and his wife think about Ms. Kohn’s tweet. And I thought the left was all about getting justice for those murdered unjustly…

    • ShortTimer says:

      Fast and Furious was for The Greater Good. Undermine the US Constitution, destroy the gun ownership rights in the US, advance the Greater Socialist Cause.

      Those murdered for the Greater Good are simply stepping stones to utopia. The left knows those murders of the innocent are just, for the Greater Good. That’s why they do them all the time.

      To the left, they are all justified.

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