Petulant Obama Administration Closes Down .gov Websites

Posted: October 4, 2013 by ShortTimer in Obama administration, Politics

The National Park Service website ( greets you with this:

shutdown nps message

NASA ( doesn’t even have a department-specific shutdown notice, it’s just gone:

shutdown nasa message

The blank message covers a lot of other government websites as well.  NASA sites beyond the main page are also redirected to the shutdown message.

The Forest Service ( ) greets you with this:

shutdown usfs message

The USGS ( ) greets you with this:

shutdown usgs messageNOAA ( ) greets you with this:

shutdown noaa messageWhat a whiny, bitter thing to order done.

This is intentional, just like closing the WW2 Memorial.  This also insults the citizenry, who are still paying taxes for services no longer being received.  You’re not going to get back a few day’s worth of taxes at the end of the year because the government was “shut down”.  The taxpayers are still paying for the services that government is intentionally denying just to score political points.

At least with the websites, the act of shutting them down is merely spiteful and vindictive in nature, but inexpensive, unlike the barrycades erected at taxpayer expense.

What’s also noteworthy is that sites for the TSA:

shutdown tsa message

Dept of Energy:

shutdown doe message

Dept of Education:

shutdown ed message

And HUD:

shutdown hud message

…were all up, but simply noted that they might not be up to date.

So it’s not the cost involved, it’s that people use sites like NOAA for weather, and (almost) everybody loves NASA.  Visible parts of government that people like are shut down, less visible and/or useless parts or those that people don’t like stay up.

  1. genomega1 says:

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    Petulant Obama Administration Closes Down .gov Websites

  2. Oh the horror! .gov sites are shut down. Whatever will we do? [A sarcasm font is desperately needed at times like these LOL]
    On a more serious note: Thanks for the info. Just more proof what a petty, whiny, I’m-not-getting-my-way-so-I’m-going-to-try-to-make-all-of-you-miserable tyrant Obummer is.

  3. sam&vicki says:

    who cares. Let them close everything!

    • ShortTimer says:

      While I understand the sentiment completely, taxpayers have already paid for the websites. That’s yours and my website they shut down, not theirs. All the government has to do is add the same note they did for the second set of websites saying that there won’t be updates.

      Instead, the Obama administration uses it to create hassles, or as seen in the case of the WW2 Monument, inflict pain. In the same way as barricading the WW2 Monument, they’ve gone to the trouble to actively shut down some websites. NASA’s the most egregoius example – if you search on google for NASA, all the links come back dead – from NASA’s main page to NASA news.

      There’s zero reason to shut it all down aside from Obama and his administration being angry children when they can’t get their way.

  4. Mike says:

    Reblogged this on This Got My Attention and commented:
    How pathetic can he get? These people ought to ALL BE FIRED!

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