DOJ Kills Amber Alert

Posted: October 7, 2013 by ShortTimer in "Civility", Barack Obama, Democrats, Department of Justice, Eric Holder, Government, Politics, Tyranny
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Heard it on the radio this morning.  Then saw it across the web today.  At Jawa Report & Gateway Pundit, they note that Amber Alert was down, but Michelle Obama’s website for kids eating is up.

I’m posting now at 1139 CST, and the DOJ’s Amber Alert is back up, only after scrutiny and pressure… and “bad press and confusion“.

After being taken down, officially because of the government shutdown, the federal website dealing with alerts about abducted children – – was restored Monday morning.

Even lying Democrats can’t get away with saying they’re the party of compassion when Harry Reid justifies specifically denying kids medical treatment and Eric Holder’s DOJ kills the Amber Alert system for missing children out of spite.

  1. 1peevedbob says:

    So, THIS IS NEWS???
    I mean, if Harry Reid won’t OK funding for kids with cancer, why would Eric Holder and his band of merry …..(whatever’s) want to protect kids from sexual perverts??

  2. ShortTimer says:

    Yeah, it’s news. It’s just another new low.

    And it’s worth remembering that they are Alinskyites. To them, winning is the only important thing. Everything else is disposable for the interests of the cause.

    I am reminded of two quotes. One was an exchange between Thomas Sowell and Milton Friedman, when Sowell was still a communist. The two argued, and Friedman put forth the idea that what if Sowell’s then-communist ideas won. “What then?” It was one of the seeds of doubt that eventually led Sowell to understand Friedman’s wisdom, and become a wise man himself – after he learned firsthand by working in incompetent government.

    The other quote I am reminded of is a profile of Megatron in the back of a Transformer comic book: “All is fodder.”

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