Obama Administration Silencing Obamacare Dissent

Posted: November 4, 2013 by ShortTimer in First Amendment, Government, Healthcare, Leftists, Media, Obamacare, Socialism, Tax, taxes, Tyranny


  1. A very minor detail. Newbury Port is misnamed. The name of the city (the smallest city in the Commonwealth of Taxachusetts) is Newburyport (one word). I take it that the POTUS would lie less if he “had a son like Treyvon Martin. Think of your daughtgers, Mr. President, for a change. They must be so proud to have a “Daddy” like you, a liar who misrepresents, obfiscates and “punishes” the people because the have the nerve to desire a transparent government (one of your earlier liest, remember?) A vision of a government free of corruption full of unemployed lobbyists (yoy were going to be upfront about them, also). A smaller, more efficient Government that saves the need of bloated tax regulations is also a dream, a la the great Martin Luther King (now that was a man worth emulating, as opposed to yourself). The best move you made, however, was posting snipers on the White House roof to protect the property from those maniacle WW II vets in wheelchairs. You remember that, Mr. President, don’t you. Ooops, I forgot, you were playing golf. You disgust me.

  2. sophiasusnow says:

    I am Jewish by birth, and agnostic by choice. Jews don’t believe in Hell.

    The medical device tax is part of Obamacare. Yes, Republicans oppose it, but they are not hypocrites for doing so, because they voted against Obamacare. The Democrats who wrote that letter are hypocrites, because they voted for Obamacare.

    The members of Congress and their staff went and got an exemption from the subsidies’ income limit that applies to everyone else on the exchange. That makes them hypocrites. And this exemption is illegal because it was not voted on by Congress. And if they are worried about a “brain drain,” then why don’t they have the same concern for the private sector?


    • ShortTimer says:

      Short answer: Socialism is for the people, not the socialist.

      They believe they are the fittest to rule, they have the ambition to rule, and thus they are rulers, not the ruled. They are the Ruling Class, not the Country Class.

      Government has a monopoly on force. They are ambitious would-be/will-be tyrants, so they desire force.

      To them, all is fodder.

      To them, the private sector is just a collection of greedy capitalist pig-dog throwbacks who must be controlled. Why should they have concern for their ideological enemies? They applaud the private sector when it bends to their will and contributes to its own demise, but they are unconcerned with its fate, as their glorious utopia has no room for those kinds of people who object to their rule.

      To give another quote that explains that interaction: a socialist is just a communist who doesn’t have all the guns yet.

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