Brandon Webb’s Opinions On The Second Amendment And The NRA

Posted: December 16, 2013 by ShortTimer in Government, Guns, Second Amendment

In the last few days, Navy SEAL and SOFREP guy Brandon Webb announced that he was going to run for a seat on the NRA Board.  He decided to not outline his positions because he was too busy, he told people nothing, and insulted people who disagreed with him who were questioning his talk of compromise and citing his past statements.

His talk of compromise, common sense, mandatory training, and “idiots shouldn’t have guns” sounds like the stuff we hear from the left – they’re always willing to compromise by just putting in the tip, baby.  Compromise, license, regulate, control, destroy.

This is going to be a pretty substantial post composed of screenshots of his own statements and conversations.  For screenshots that are too small to read clearly, click for full view.

I’ve already stated a few harsh and critical opinions on the guy and his candidacy, but I’ll refrain from any further commentary here so people can simply read what he’s said.  Just read his statements, responses, and lack of responses in contrast to each other.

The first selection of screenshots are from his NRA board announcement on Facebook.

1: “what didn’t you understand about me explaining my position in detail once I start my run in 2015?

webb a1

2: “If my professional accomplishments and expertise as a sniper don’t qualify me to some degree then I don’t know what to tell you.”  / “I’ve never advocated for ‘new legislation’.”

webb a2

3. ” I don’t think that idiots should be allowed to purchase or own firearms” / “Over 50% of my range visits in Nevada I’ve encountered unsafe handling of firearms

webb a3 idiots4. “When I throw my hat in the ring you’ll know exactly where I stand, and either you’ll vote or not vote. / it’s not something I can address in detail in five minutes. I have a family, a business, and a book I’m on deadline to finish. Out here.

webb a4 too busy to answer

5.  ” Not participating in the process is a mistake. The NRA has taken the position of the Sierra club…not willing to compromise and create gun legislation that makes sense. If you refuse to participate then you end up with silly laws that end up hurting responsible gun owners.

webb a5 willing to compromise and create legislation

6. “If my professional accomplishments and expertise as a sniper don’t qualify me to some degree then I don’t know what to tell you. / Thanks for the name calling, very mature way to have a conversation. 

webb a6 professional accomplishments and name calling

7. ” I’m not advocating more gun laws, and compromise comes in many forms.

webb a7 not advocating more laws compromise

8. ” I believe in responsible firearms ownership, and that Americans should be able to responsibly enjoy the sport. -BW

webb a8 second amendment is a sport

9.  “I’m running in 2015 and will detail my position when I run.

webb a9 we need to pass it to see whats in it ill tell you in 2015

10. ” I’m not a fan of new laws that restrict ownership or make ownership hard on gun owners. I live right on the CA state line in NV. I have high capacity mags but drive a mile and am breaking the law with my mags and open carry in CA. / I’ll make my position crystal clear when I ask for your vote in 2015.

webb a10 not a fan of new laws breaks the law with magazines

11. ” ungrounded statements

webb a11 ungrounded statements ill tell you later

12. ” Not advocating new laws that restrict ownership.

webb a12 not advocating new laws

13.  ” There you go again / Did I say compromise on the Second Amendment? / You’re an idiot

webb a13 there you go again i run gun sites so im pro gun and youre an idiot

14. ” You can’t fix stupid, Davidwebb a14 youre stupid for disagreeing with me

15. ” You can’t fix stupid, Aaronwebb a15 youre stupid vs webbs school shooting post

16. ” when I run I’ll state my position in detail, and let the chips fall where they may. Appreciate the intelligent engagement on your end

webb a16 ill tell you my position later

17.  ” Universal firearms initial safety training

webb a17 universal training

18. ” I think I answered every question or comment, even the disrespectful ones. Thank you for all the feedback and participation. When I get on the 2015 ballot I will outline my position in detail. Some of you will agree with my position, and some will not. I only ask that you show me the same respect I will show you as we participate in the voting process

webb a18 thanks ill tell you later

Okay, one comment: I think I’d rather see Christina Hernandez run.


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