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We at the Patriot Perspective have introduced you to this lady before: Two Ducks in a Pond – Dolores Huerta and Hilda Solis

President Barack Obama awards American labor leader and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday.

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The last time we discussed Ms. Huerta, she and Hilda Solis were pushing a federal program aimed at getting farm workers, “documented or not” federal aid. We went on to further discuss Ms. Huerta’s speech at an Arizona Highschool which was filled with socialist rhetoric.

Fast forward now to May 29, 2012.


Dolores Huerta, an icon of California’s farm labor movement, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday for her lifelong work promoting civil rights.

For those of you aren’t familiar with this award here is some info on it.

She received the award for promoting civil rights? You might want to check and see which rights Ms. Huerta favors. At, a small bio, some accomplishments, along with several organizations Ms. Huerta has affiliated herself with. Would you believe that the first organization listed are the Democratic Socialist of America? Never in these United States would I have thought to see a socialist president awarding the nation’s highest civilian honor on another socialist, who espouses the cause of illegal immigrants and finding ways for said illegals to received taxpayer money to help their families that shouldn’t be here in the first place.

This is the country we live in now. Wealth Redistribution, open borders, massive deficits, unmanned drones flying our skies in the guise of public safety, and these are just a few of the issues occurring as the country is pushed down the path on the road, (as Shorttimer would say) “…to a glorious soviet socialist republic.”




>Delores Huerta and Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis are literally two ducks in a pond.

The speakers of the “We Can Help” campaign that allows workers “documented or not” to petition the federal government for help. Here is a video taken from the new news site: The Blaze


So how do you feel about that America? Is it alright for these women in a government advertisement to give support to workers, “documented or not?” Undocumented workers is now the liberal code word for illegal aliens who do not rate support from our government.. Is it really the law to for the government to ensure “safe housing and transportation? I know I’d like to know which law that happens to be.

To go a step further, the excerpts of Huerta’s speech to a Tuscon highschool assembly openly flag her as a radical socialist. These two women are clearly another example of which our president has told us before, to judge him by who he surrounds himself with. For almost 2 years now we citizens of the United States have been judging you and your form of government and soon you will see our respons.

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