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China In Desperate Need of Perri-Air

Posted: January 30, 2013 by ShortTimer in Environmentalism, Humor, Marxism, Spaceballs

Life imitates Spaceballs:

For the fourth time this year, a murky haze has descended over north China, leaving residents of Beijing choking on toxic smog. China’s air hasn’t been this bad since 1954, according to the state-run People’s Daily newspaper.

In a remarkable record of dirty air, 24 out of January’s first 29 days this year had air classified as hazardous. And the skies have still not cleared.

The air is so bad that wealthy Chinese entrepreneur, Chen Guangbiao, is selling fresh air in soft drinks cans, similar to bottled drinking water. Each can is sold for 5RMB or about 80 cents.


Let’s preface this appropriately by a quote from Sportsmen for Obama:

President Obama supports the rights of gun owners as guaranteed under the Second Amendment, and believes that the Constitution guarantees an individual’s right to bear arms.

Today from The Hill, as quoted on Meet The Lawbreaking Press:

President Obama on Sunday said he would make gun control a priority in his new term, pledging to put his “full weight” behind passing new restrictions on firearms in 2013.

The president is putting his “full weight” behind passing new restrictions on firearms.  Contrast that with what the Constitution says: the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  Now read the full weight quote again.  This president is violating his oath of office as much as if he said he were putting his “full weight” behind passing new restrictions on free speech.

“I’m going to be putting forward a package and I’m going to be putting my full weight behind it,” Obama said in an interview aired on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “I’m going to be making an argument to the American people about why this is important and why we have to do everything we can to make sure that something like what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary does not happen again.”

Disarming the innocent does nothing to change anything.  But again, this isn’t about guns, it’s ultimately about control.

But he has also called on Congress to move quickly to reinstate the federal assault weapons ban and a ban on the sale of high-capacity magazines.

I’ve addressed “Why High Capacity Magazines” just recently, but to touch on it in the shortest way possible, would you end up the victim of a home invasion robbery by five guys, would you rather have 6 rounds, 10 rounds, or 30 rounds?

“I’ve been very clear that an assault-rifle ban, banning these high capacity clips, background checks, that there are a set of issues that I have historically supported and will continue to support,” the president said.

And banning handguns, and all guns that don’t belong to his government.  Yeah, we know.  “Shall not be infringed” means “a ban, banning these other things, background checks to exercise a right are all things I have historically supported.”  Yes, his oath of office is as meaningless now as it was when he was an Illinois senator.

“I’d like to get it done in the first year.  I will put forward a very specific proposal based on the recommendations that Joe Biden’s task force is putting together as we speak. And so this is not something that I will be putting off.”

Translation: “I have to do this before people catch on to it and realize it’s a feel-good measure that does nothing but expand government power.  I put Joe Biden in charge because he’s a mindless ideologue who doesn’t care about facts, and doesn’t listen to the other side, and can be trusted to ram this crap through and f*** the citizen back into the serf they should be.”

“I am not going to prejudge the recommendations that are given to me.  I am skeptical that the only answer is putting more guns in schools.  And I think the vast majority of the American people are skeptical that that somehow is going to solve our problem,” he said.

Wait, what?

We joke sometimes about how Malia’s getting to the age now, and boys start calling and, you know, sort of, I always talk about how one of the main incentives for running again was continuing Secret Service protection to have men with guns around at all times

It’s not really a joke, though.

guns make us less safe obama hypocrisy

And the president who sent thousands of guns to narcoterrorist cartels to kill our Mexican neighbors then goes on:

“I think there are a vast majority of responsible gun owners out there who recognize that we can’t have a situation in which somebody with severe psychological problems is able to get the kind of high-capacity weapons that this individual in Newtown obtained and gun down our kids,” Obama said.

Of course, the leftist-logic solution to this is…

ban all the guns

And of course, with regards to this statement:

“I am skeptical that the only answer is putting more guns in schools,” Obama said. “And I think the vast majority of the American people are skeptical that that somehow is going to solve our problem.”

David Gregory, who interviewed him, and is a gun law breaker himself, has kids who go to school with Obama’s kids.  And they have 11 armed guards at the school.  The rest of you, the little people, don’t need your kids protected.  Guns are bad, m’kay, while the President and David “High Capacity Stupid” Gregory, have a squad of armed security who specialize in CQB.

secret service cqb

Because now, as it was for the thousands of years of human civilization before the American experiment began, laws are once again for you, not for the elites.  Welcome back to serfdom.

The Founders disagreed vehemently.

During the first presidential debate, Romney mentioned that he’d cut public funding for PBS, which really is kinda outside the mandate of the Constitution.  Sure, there might be a way to squeeze it in under Article I Section 8 with “promoting science and the useful arts”… if you completely ignored the end of that sentence, but basically the point was that PBS’s 7% or so funding received from the government is a waste of money.  It’s especially a waste when the govt. needs to tighten its belt and leave taxpayers more of their money, in order to leave people to spur the economy on.  Big Bird can stand on his own two huge feet because he’s plenty marketable, and something like 93% of Sesame Street’s money comes in from merchandising.  What’s merchandising, you ask?

Heck, as a coworker pointed out to me, Abelardo Montoya, as in Big Bird in Mexico (from Plaza Sesamo) is so well off as to have a section of a Formula One track running through (or immediately adjacent to) the big Sesame Street theme park in Monterrey.  He also has a nice fountain.

This guy survives through being something people love and want, and are willing to buy stuff from.

Why does American Big Bird make $314,000/year and still need money from taxpayers?

It was all meant as an explanation of how spending taxpayer money is supposed to be for important constitutional functions, not for just throwing at “things we feel we want”.

And naturally, the Dems took it overboard, to the point of alienating everyone.

And now, as HotAir reports, they’re doubling down on stupid.

As prominent Democrat Dick Harpootlian put it, “Big Bird is iconic. He — or it — she — I don’t know what it is — is an icon with a whole generation or two of Americans.” Well said. If Mitt Romney won’t stand up for giant muppets, who will he stand up for?

And Dems are running with it even though Sesame Street wants nothing to do with this and sent a cease-and-desist order.

Sesame Workshop is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization and we do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns. We have approved no campaign ads, and as is our general practice, have requested that the ad be taken down.

Big Bird is successful without government money.  Oh, and Big Bird in the US also has theme parks.  Big Bird doesn’t need big government subsidies.  He’s not too Big Bird to fail, he’ll fly on his own.

>Illegal Alien Supporter Massachussetts State Representative Democrat Mike Moran hit by an illegal alien.

An illegal alien, wearing a mariachi outfit, no less, hit his vehicle doing 60mph. The alien’s passenger was bloodied and sent to the hospital. From the story:

The 27-year-old suspect was reportedly driving under the influence of alcohol and did not have a valid license.

Police say when Naranjo was told of the serious charges he would be facing, he just laughed.

State police were unable to notify immigration authorities that Naranjo might be illegal. due to a 2007 order that strips them of immigration enforcement powers.

The suspect, whose blood alcohol content was .25 at the time of the accident according to the police report, is being held on $50,000 cash bail.

Democrat Moran, from the news story, states:

“I know this is a tough issue that we’re dealing with and as you probably know I have been and will continue to be pro immigrant and some cases even pro illegal immigrant. And it would be politically expedient for me at this point in time to change that. That should give you some indication of my commitment to immigration and immigrants to tell you that even after being hit by one I will continue to advocate for immigrants and their rights as citizens of this country.”

I support the rights of people who aren’t citizens as citizens. I support criminals enjoying the same rights as the law abiding. A community of moron supporters got me elected.

He’s pro ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. He states it. He supports ILLEGAL ALIENS having the rights of CITIZENS. He also talks about how he thinks that the law will deal with the illegal alien – who’s already a criminal – as a criminal for the DUI. Why? Why enforce one law and not the other? Why let the drunk driver in? Oh, that’s right. He’s one of these:

In the TV edited version, he’s surrounded by Morons.

They say a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged. Apparently, some liberals are so ideologically suicidal, that they will continue to support the very people who ignore their laws and try to kill them rather than get the picture.