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>Michelle Malkin has the roundup here:

Short version from the People’s Cube:
The interesting part is that even if it doesn’t go through – since Democrats do have to appease the Unions – it may be pushed through by Republicans who want cheap labor for businesses and only pay lip service to US citizens next year. And while one can explain that the failure of the fedgov to enforce immigration laws has led to the ready availability of illegal or amnestied-legal unskilled labor depresses labor costs all around and causes employers to fire long-term, higher-paid workers due to their newfound lack of economic viability… the short version is this:

Which is why Democrats who were beholden to union votes weren’t necessarily pro-illegal alien.

The rank & file working Democrat voter (the union guy) – is not pro-illegal alien. But the lame duck congress doesn’t have to answer to him. Nor does it answer to the rest of the population that opposes granting citizenship to what amounts to underground invaders.*

Of course, if the current congressional leadership simply takes via taxes from Citizen A and Legal Resident Alien-Who-Worked-His-Ass-Off B and gives via handouts to Illegal Alien C, D, E, F, and G, then that congressman now has C, D, E, F, and G voting for him/his party in perpetuety… and as for Citizen A and Legal Resident Alien B? A bureaucrat with the swipe of a pen has told them that their country isn’t theirs anymore – and they don’t have the votes to change it anymore.

*I have no idea if that was a 50s sci-fi movie, but it should be.


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My fellow United States Citizens,

Today I have decided to change up our usual format due to today be November 2, 2010.

Today the midterm elections occur and this time around everyone regardless of the views you hold need to be heard, from both the left and right of the political spectrum.

Today is the day where each American needs to do his or her one most sacred duty:

That of heading to the polling place and casting your vote for your congressmen and various state post as well. If you have never served your country by being a military veteran and you wish you could have, by casting your vote today you will have done your country, your state, and your local areas a valuable service – that being your participation in the politcal machinery which our professors and other learned men call our democracy.

Are you fed up with out of control spending and fiscal idiocy in Washington D.C?

Go vote!

Are you tired of seeing congressmen and women trying to control your lives trough the implemetation of Obamacare?

Go Vote!

Do you feel as if Congress is slowly eroding our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Go Vote!

Are you unhappy with the way the current administration in Washington D.C. presents the United States to the rest of the world?

Go Vote!

Keep in mind that even though your one vote may not seem that much in the political grand scheme of things, you couple that vote to your neighbors, your fellow townspeople, others that reside within your county and in your state, one can get a pretty clear picture of what,”WE THE PEOPLE,” want.

So my fellow citizens, let your voices be heard today even if you support the current regime in Washington, its your right, and its granted to you by virtue of the United States Constitution, not the federal government.
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