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John Wayne’s America

Posted: October 17, 2011 by ShortTimer in United States

Something to contrast with the last few weeks worth of posts.


>Bill Whittle’s final Part VII of the What We Believe series, explaining Tea Party/conservative beliefs:

Whittle wraps up the series, and hopefully those who’ve watched it have gotten a little more insight – possibly into their own views and how to express them.

Picking nits:
Folks used to statistics will note that his comparison of “science units” is not done per capita, as the other nations listed are smaller. Were it done per capita (rounding to nearest million in both cases) it would look like this:

UK:______.29 science units/person (18 million science units/61 million population)
Canada:___.27 (9sci/33pop)
USA:_____.24 (75/307pop)
Germany:__.18 (15sci/81pop)
France:___.16 (10sci/62pop)
Italy:_____.11 (7mil/60mil pop)
Japan:____.09 (12sci/127pop)

Considering the VAST size of the US population, that’s pretty darned decent. Couple it with the fact that the UK benefits from many very well established science centers, and that Canada has no small benefit from being a partner to both the US and UK, it’s not too much of a surprise that per capita, the UK and Canada are doing very well. And good for them – but by no means is their prosperity an indictment of the fact that the US is the shining beacon of science by volume, and a very strong third per capita. That the US, with a vast population to offset in per capita comparison, still eclipses other nations is perhaps a greater support of Whittle’s point of American exceptionalism in science endeavors.

Now, there are other reasons for this as well that Whittle hit on in earlier videos. One is the rule of law. Individuals who discover or invent something are probably going to have their patents, inventions, or ideas respected. Discovery and invention are generally rewarded through prosperity, and only rarely thwarted by intellectual theives or seizure by the state.

Consider Mikhael. He invented a product that’s used worldwide, was adopted by his own government, and is so famous and iconic as to be recognized immediately. You probably know his last name already, and undoubtedly the initials his invention is known by.

His invention is so famous it’s even on the flag of Mozambique.

Did he earn anything from it the way an engineer in the US would have? He received a lot of medals, promotions, and state handouts, but nothing along the lines of what a US inventor would receive for such a prolific creation – with about 100 million units worldwide. If he were selling records, it’d be a decuple diamond album, topped only by another Michael. Except a record cost about thirty to fifty times less.


In a recent article which can be found here, an editor of the Vanity Fair magazine tells the American electorate to “Man up” and stop acting like angry, hormonal teenagers. Here are a few points I would like to highlight about this piece of writing:

1. He believes the American electorate to be a bunch of self possessed teenagers who are acting out at their parents, i.e. the government. It has to be mentioned that this is a definite liberal sentiment, that “they” (statist, modern liberals, socialist etc.) know what is best for you, just like your parents did. They want “the best” for you but with that comes the erosion of your personal responsibility by the statist government. Some examples include New York state regulating your salt intake, and a general push in some states to not allow vending machines on school campuses for “the good of the children.” It also includes determining if you should receive healthcare if your 65 years old or a new born infant because some government bureaucrat has decided he knows better the a physician does.

2. He also is still clinging to racism alledgedlly perpetrated upon President Obama by the American people especially those that love their guns and are just angry white folks. Look at Lt. Colonel Allen West in Florida, look at all the African American voters that stood within and with out the tea party this last election. This has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with the Obama Regime’s agenda and a congress that was owned lock, stock and barrel by statist and followed regime’s whims. Even then the regime couldn’t always do what it wanted. People forget about the statist super majority and the senate and healthcare almost failed anyhow.

The gentleman from Vanity Fair attempts to sound a moderate but it is evident he is not. He clings to the liberal argument that the majority of this country is racist and hates Obama when in reality its the Obama Agenda that is truly despised. He wants to get back to the days of “moderate” President Bill Clinton which he apparently forgets was forced to the center after the statist attempted to pass healtcare reform during his first term and was “shouted at” by us angry teenagers. He also points out that what makes this national “teenage backlash” worse is that us right wingers like our guns and that statement further implicates this gentleman as another statist that just doesn’t get it.

Statist will never understand conservative principles of freedom, liberty, nor personal responsibility. They want to take care of us…. The only problem is “We The People” grew up between 2008 and 2010 and we want our government back.

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>President George W. Bush delivers his State of...Image via Wikipedia

My fellow United States Citizens,

Today I have decided to change up our usual format due to today be November 2, 2010.

Today the midterm elections occur and this time around everyone regardless of the views you hold need to be heard, from both the left and right of the political spectrum.

Today is the day where each American needs to do his or her one most sacred duty:

That of heading to the polling place and casting your vote for your congressmen and various state post as well. If you have never served your country by being a military veteran and you wish you could have, by casting your vote today you will have done your country, your state, and your local areas a valuable service – that being your participation in the politcal machinery which our professors and other learned men call our democracy.

Are you fed up with out of control spending and fiscal idiocy in Washington D.C?

Go vote!

Are you tired of seeing congressmen and women trying to control your lives trough the implemetation of Obamacare?

Go Vote!

Do you feel as if Congress is slowly eroding our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Go Vote!

Are you unhappy with the way the current administration in Washington D.C. presents the United States to the rest of the world?

Go Vote!

Keep in mind that even though your one vote may not seem that much in the political grand scheme of things, you couple that vote to your neighbors, your fellow townspeople, others that reside within your county and in your state, one can get a pretty clear picture of what,”WE THE PEOPLE,” want.

So my fellow citizens, let your voices be heard today even if you support the current regime in Washington, its your right, and its granted to you by virtue of the United States Constitution, not the federal government.
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From the New York Post:

President Obama came out yesterday and was attempting to align himself with the Tea Party movement.

Oh yes, a definte laugh, or should this be a sign of concern for the mental state of our leader? This is the same man who TRIPLED the deficit of his not so popular republican predecessor. This is also the man that has spent more money than ALL OTHER presidential administrations combined. This is the man who has done everything he can with the support of the most liberal congress ever to centralize power in the hands of the federal government. The Healthcare bill fiasco, the 2nd stimulus, tripling the size of Americorps, attempting to shackle the populace with cap and trade all belong under this man’s name. He now expects you all to believe that he is a fiscally responsible conservative president, that favors limited government and that the populace being wary of the government is a good thing? One word will some that up:


Now he says that the Tea Party has misdirected itself. It should be angry with the republicans still in office. Guess what Mr. President…. We are. We are mad at both sides of this mess because it took both for us to be in the situation we are in. But right now YOU and YOUR party have exclusive control of the federal government. You and your party are spending out of control, yes we do know that the occasional RINO votes along with you, they are being revealed and being marked for replacement in the coming November election as well. You and your ilk, Mr. President, think the citizens of this country are stupid and cannot keep up with politics nor understand the arguments. The Tea Party itself, made up of both democrats and republicans sees right through you, your party and your lies.

Mr. President, the nation is very disappointed with you, even your misguided followers, who think you are not doing even to “fundamentally transform” these United States. Now it is the citizen’s turn, Mr. President, on 2 November we intend to fundamentally transform Washington D.C.

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>From the Blaze:


This is everything that Barack Obama and the left preach. They attempt to indoctrinate people, seems they like to focus on children. Speaking of which I know several schools across the country got their “education” video whose return address comes from the Department of Education via 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

They also attempt to create rights to shore up their voting base. Seriously folks? High speed internet isn’t a right, for a list of rights try reading the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Is high speed internet a nice tool? You’re darn right it is. Does it warrant a government subsidy so those who can’t afford it or it isnt available in an area can get it? Absolutely not. “Chairman Julius” Genachowski, and former FCC chairman Michael Copps need to keep their “collective” hands off the constitution and focus on monitoring radio stations for curse words. However, Copps seems to want to do otherwise by stating very clearly:

“You will need and you are entitled to have these tools and services available to you. I think it is a civil right.”

Guess what “Chairman” Copp, try heading to a public library. Most of them today have high speed internet and that type of technology in place. We don’t need to spend any more money that we do not have on goods or services that the left feels is a “right” so that they can get re-elected. We have already done that with Americorps to increase the number of government subsidized volunteers, and we are about to reap the “so called benefits” of a government option healthcare system. America was already the world leader in “private interest” volunteerism and “had” the worlds’ best healthcare system. There was no need to spend the money on two of these issues.

Most importantly Leftist want to redistribute wealth to low income families or if you prefer take money away from those who have worked their rear ends off to get what they have. This can also cause those lower income families to vote for whomever “shows them the money.” However, that money has to come from somewhere, and its the taxpayer, or worse yet it gets borrowed from China or Japan. The leftists’ believe that even if you have whatever it is they are subsidizing that they will just go ahead and give it to you any way because the extra income is “useful.” Really? Useful to get you reelected? Useful to help that low income family? Will that low income family use that money wisely? Will that money have oversight to determine if it is being used for it’s intended purposes?

Clear examples of leftist ideology, and clear examples of why the leftist way never works. It is impossible to oversee and fund a subsidy in our current economic state without the raising or creation of taxes (another leftist pillar). You can’t create rights out of thin air. If you do you asking for the destruction of a nation due to the populace losing all its iniative and its will to work or produce anything of economic value. You can’t indoctrinate people either, if you do, today you risk completely alienating the popualce due to the internet and the growing number of citizens that are “doing their civic homework.”

One can clearly see all these elements of the leftist plan at work and the good news is that people are now seeing it for what it truly is and people are throwing it back in the leftist “collective” faces.

2 November is approaching, please be sure to register to vote and discuss the issues with family and friends.

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>Delores Huerta and Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis are literally two ducks in a pond.

The speakers of the “We Can Help” campaign that allows workers “documented or not” to petition the federal government for help. Here is a video taken from the new news site: The Blaze


So how do you feel about that America? Is it alright for these women in a government advertisement to give support to workers, “documented or not?” Undocumented workers is now the liberal code word for illegal aliens who do not rate support from our government.. Is it really the law to for the government to ensure “safe housing and transportation? I know I’d like to know which law that happens to be.

To go a step further, the excerpts of Huerta’s speech to a Tuscon highschool assembly openly flag her as a radical socialist. These two women are clearly another example of which our president has told us before, to judge him by who he surrounds himself with. For almost 2 years now we citizens of the United States have been judging you and your form of government and soon you will see our respons.

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