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HARTFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — Connecticut state lawmakers came to an agreement Monday on what they said will become some of the nation’s toughest gun control laws.

Connecticut state lawmakers came to an agreement Monday on what they said will become some of the nations toughest laws that infringe on the right of the citizen, bragging that they’ve done more to squash the puny serfs than anyone this week, all through “agreement” between one ruling group and another ruling group on what they should do to the peon citizen.

As CBS 2′s Lou Young reported, the deal included a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines, such as the one that was used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre in Newtown. The deal also calls for a new registry for existing high-capacity magazines, and background checks that would apply to private gun sales.

One small step for a tyrant, one giant leap for tyranny!

Another registry would be set up for dangerous weapons offenders.

Y’know, we used to not put dangerous people on a list.  We used to put them in prison until they either learned and stopped being dangerous, or until they just stopped being.

Connecticut House Speaker Brendan Sharkey (D-Hamden) said he hopes the agreement sends a message to Washington, and the rest of the country.

“This is the way to get this job done; to do it in an effective, meaningful, thoughtful way, and to do it on a bipartisan basis, because our children deserve no less,” Sharkey said.

It sends a message that the Second Amendment shall be infringed, and sends a message that, on a bipartisan basis, between different stripes of tyrant, our children deserve to grow up in a society in which the state will dictate to them what they may do, and how they may do it, because the state knows best for the little people, who all need to be controlled, lorded over, supervised, and taken care of.

  • Same story, different take from the BBC:

Criminal background checks would now be required of all prospective gun purchasers. Currently, federal law exempts so-called private transactions, which can include online sales and sales at gun shows.

So-called “private transactions” between so-called “private citizens” who think they’re so-called “free men” whose lives shouldn’t be subject to “so-called” tyranny and control by government.

Where do you buy guns online?  Every online gun shop I see requires a transfer via FFL holder, as does every private seller on Gunbroker or Auction Arms.  The only exceptions are antiques.  Is there really a problem with blackpowder pistols being sold online?

In a compromise, legislators did not ban existing ammunition magazines of more than 10 rounds. Instead, already purchased high-capacity magazines will have to be registered.

In a compromise, citizens’ rights were only partially stripped, and rights that citizens thought they had will now have to be registered, though the state may be unsure of when they acquired these “rights”, so they may have to surrender them anyway, and they may not be able to pass these rights on to their children.  It’s a compromise in which you compromise your rights, and the state increases its power.  What a wonderful compromise!  Just the tip, baby.

Gun control advocates in Sacramento are putting a new twist on an old NRA slogan: “Guns don’t kill people — bullets kill people.”

Democratic lawmakers are pushing like never before to regulate or tax ammunition sales. They say the logic is simple: A firearm is nothing but an expensive paperweight without ammunition.

And a printing press is nothing without ink, and a computer is nothing without electricity.  Goodbye, Bill of Rights, hello tyranny!

“It’s a way to red-tape the right to bear arms to death,” said Chuck Michel, the California Rifle and Pistol Association’s attorney, promising to sue if any such bills pass. “It’s all part of a campaign of shame, the fight to make it as difficult as possible for law-abiding citizens to make the choice to have a firearm for self-defense.”

As lawmakers mull how to curb gun violence in the wake of December’s massacre of school children in Newtown, Conn., some note that California and federal laws also forbid those who aren’t allowed to own firearms from owning ammunition — but there’s no way to tell who’s buying it.

Skinner’s bill would require all ammo dealers to be licensed and all ammo buyers to provide identification information that would go to a state registry. The registry could then be compared with a state database of people prohibited from owning guns and ammo because of crimes, mental health issues or other reasons. It also would tip police to massive purchases.

Because a RIGHT means begging the state for a license.

Another bill, SB53 by state Sen. Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, would require a background check and an estimated $50 fee for a one-year permit to buy ammunition.

Because a RIGHT means begging the state for a license.

10 percent tax on ammunition to fund crime prevention — might merge with another lawmaker’s proposed nickel-per-round tax to fund mental-health screening for children. Bonta, D-Oakland, said his tax is mostly about generating money to “combat the gun violence in our communities,” but could have the “secondary benefit” of stemming “rampant sales.”

These are a couple boxes of .22s, with Indiana Jones and a horse for scale:

1100 rounds

That’s 1100 rounds.  In the beforetimes, back before the panic, that would run you about $20/box, so $40 total (a few years prior, before QE and metals prices spikes and Obama, they’d be $10/box).  With a nickel tax per round, you’d be looking at a $27.50 tax per box.  So even at recent prices, the price would go from $20/box to $47.50/box.

That $40 couple of boxes there would be $95.  And that’s before local sales taxes.

The power to tax is the power to destroy.

– Chief Justice John Marshall

Shall not be infringed means shall not be infringed.  Except to the ruling class, to whom it means, “license, regulate, tax, eliminate, shut up, destroy, destroy, EXTERMINATE!”:

AB 48 by Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley — Would require ammunition sellers to be licensed; ammunition purchasers to show identification; ammunition sellers to report all sales to the state Justice Department, which would create a registry of ammunition purchases. First hearing: April 2.
AB 187 by Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Oakland — Would impose a 10 percent tax on all ammunition sold in the state, with the revenue directed to a fund for crime-prevention efforts in the state’s high-crime areas. No hearing date set.
AB 760 by Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, D-Sacramento — Would impose a 5-cent tax on each bullet sold in California, dedicating the revenue to an existing program to screen young children for mild to moderate mental illness — and intervene with strategies to address their problems. First hearing: April 15.
SB 53 by state Sen. Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles — Would require anyone buying ammunition to first pass a background check and receive a one-year permit, for an estimated $50 fee, from the state Justice Department. First hearing: April 16.

And in Congress, because the Second Amendment can’t be infringed enough at the state level:

S.35, the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2013, by Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J. — Would require face-to-face purchases of ammunition, require licensing of ammunition dealers and reporting of bulk purchases of ammunition. A companion bill in the House, HR142, is sponsored by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-N.Y.
S.174, the Ammunition Background Check Act of 2013, by Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn. — Would require an instant background check for the purchase of ammunition and would restore pre-1986 requirements that sellers track their inventory and keep records of their customers. Purchases of 1,000 rounds or more, or thefts of large amounts of ammunition, would have to be reported to law enforcement.

They really hate online ammo sales, but let’s revisit that, shall we?

In regular old economics, we’re talking about the government establishing a barrier to entry for you as a citizen in order to stop you from exercising your rights.

Last month, New York Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney introduced the “Firearm Risk Protection Act” that would impose a $10,000 penalty on any gun owner who fails to purchase mandatory liability insurance.

And Erika Johnson gets it:

The bill would require gun buyers to provide proof of insurance from a company approved by a state insurance regulatory authority for “losses resulting from use of the firearm while it is owned by the purchaser.” In a nutshell, you need to take out a preemptive policy for any violence you might inflict with your firearm — which doesn’t really make sense, because the people inflicting non-defensive gun violence are criminals anyway. This is just another poorly disguised legislative attempt to deter gun ownership, and man, talk about regressive! Looks like self-defense is only for people who can afford to take out an extra insurance policy.

The oh-so-esteemed bureaucrats at the United Nations have been looking to slap some regulations on the small arms trade via an international treaty for quite some time, but the United States has never really cottoned on to that idea. The Senate has to ratify all treaties by a two-thirds majority, and in one of the amendment votes to their budget just last month, the Senate voted 53-46 to specifically prevent the U.S. from signing on to the U.N.’s proposed Arms Trade Treaty.

The Obama administration don’t care. The president expressed a willingness to get behind such a thing near the start of his tenure, conspicuously backing off as last November’s election approached but then jumping right back on the progressive globalist bandwagon.

The Senate, however, has vowed to block ratification, which requires a two-thirds majority and is needed for the treaty to be legally binding on the U.S.

Good.  TX Senator Ted Cruz tweeted this:

UN Arms Treaty should be rejected outright by US Senate. It is international gun regulation, plain and simple & it must never be ratified

Allowing magazines that carry 10 or more bullets to remain in the hands of gun owners would leave a gaping loophole in the law, said Mark Barden, whose 7-year-old son, Daniel, was killed in the shooting.

“It doesn’t prevent someone from going out of the state to purchase them and then bring them back. There’s no way to track when they were purchased, so they can say, ‘I had this before,'” Barden said. “So it’s a big loophole.”

This is where things get unpleasant.  It’s very difficult to explain to someone who’s still in the throes of grief that the rights that we as American citizens have recognized by our Constitution are in fact natural rights, and also rights that are inherently necessary to protect ourselves as individuals and as a group from tyranny small and large.  It’s very difficult to explain to someone that their son shouldn’t have been murdered because the mental health system, which has stigmatized mental health so severely, has made it so people who need help or who should simply be locked away can get help or can be secured far from normal society.

It’s very difficult to break past that wall and explain to people that the very real fears of government tyranny are very real fears – because governments invariably end up becoming tyrannical unless they’re kept in check.  It’s very difficult to penetrate that wall of grief and explain that restricting the rights of American citizens, infringing on their natural rights of self-defense, giving the state more power over their lives, and ultimately putting flawed men who are in government charge of those of us citizens will never bring his son back.

It will never bring his son back, and it will never prevent the Bath School Disaster, or the World Trade Center bombing in 93, the Oklahoma City bombing in 95 – but it will cause the Amanda Collins of the world to be raped again.  It will enable government use of force against a disarmed citizenry.  It will enable police brutality and governmental corruption.  It will lead to a nation where there are the Rulers and the Ruled.

It may not do it tomorrow, and it may not do it in idyllic Connecticut, but it will.  History is very harsh, and history is right.  History shows us what will happen, and history shows that the only place where governmental tyranny has been stymied is in nations where the people retain the individual power to resist oppression.

Sadly, it’s a very big picture and someone grieving for a lost child is unlikely to look at the big picture and wonder if they are not asking for something that not only would have not, could have not, and cannot save their lost child, but that will ultimately make the world a more dangerous, repressive, destructive place where hundreds, thousands, or millions of children might die because of his requests.

Then again, Darrell Scott, father of Columbine victim Rachel Scott, knew that there is an even bigger picture than the worldly knowledge of history, and looked to address it in a different way:

Men and women are three-part beings. We all consist of body, soul, and spirit. When we refuse to acknowledge a third part of our make-up, we create a void that allows evil, prejudice, and hatred to rush in and reek havoc.

“Spiritual presences were present within our educational systems for most of our nation’s history. Many of our major colleges began as theological seminaries. This is a historical fact.

“What has happened to us as a nation? We have refused to honor God, and in so doing, we open the doors to hatred and violence.

“And when something as terrible as Columbine’s tragedy occurs — politicians immediately look for a scapegoat such as the NRA. They immediately seek to pass more restrictive laws that contribute to erode away our personal and private liberties.

“We do not need more restrictive laws. Eric and Dylan would not have been stopped by metal detectors. No amount of gun laws can stop someone who spends months planning this type of massacre. The real villain lies within our own hearts.

“We do not need more religion. We do not need more gaudy television evangelists spewing out verbal religious garbage. We do not need more million dollar church buildings built while people with basic needs are being ignored.

“We do need a change of heart and a humble acknowledgement that this nation was founded on the principle of simple trust in God!

“As my son Craig lay under that table in the school library and saw his two friends murdered before his very eyes–He did not hesitate to pray in school. I defy any law or politician to deny him that right!

“I challenge every young person in America , and around the world, to realize that on April 20, 1999 , at Columbine High School prayer was brought back to our schools. Do not let the many prayers offered by those students be in vain.


Via Sipsey Street Irregulars, from Washington Times:

A Sikh man is suing the state of California over its gun laws, arguing they violate his First Amendment rights to practice his religion by barring him from carrying the kind of weapons he says he needs for self-defense.

Gursant Singh Khalsa, a practicing Sikh for 35 years, charges in the lawsuit filed this month that California’s laws banning military-style, semiautomatic weapons and high-capacity magazines violate mainstream Sikh doctinre requiring Sikhs “be at all time fully prepared to defend themselves and others against injustice.”

Standard capacity magazines.

“We’re required to wear what’s called a kirpan” or dagger, he said Thursday. “I feel, as far as my religion goes, it dictates that we should have all weapons of all kinds to defend ourselves. By not being able to carry an assault rifle or weapon that has a high-capacity magazine, I don’t feel that I can defend myself or my family.”

Mr. Khalsa, who lives in Yuba City about 40 miles north of Sacramento, said he believes such a right should be available to all Americans with the proper training but that it’s also specific to the Sikh religion, which has roots deeply tied to self-defense.

“Some splinter groups attempt this by wearing symbolic miniature daggers in their turbans, to comply with this requirement,” he argues in the lawsuit, filed in federal court in California. “But mainstream Sikhs believe this requirement is a literal and true moral duty. As Guru Gobind Singh instructed his Sikhs; ‘Without uncut hair and weapons do not come before me’.”

The Kirpan is traditional, but it’s also a symbol.  Sikhs some places are forbidden to wear the swords as local laws oppress them, and are left with daggers, or even pocketknives or pins in the shape of a kirpan.

Guru Gobind Singh clearly chose these words very deliberately – He did not state that the Khalsa was the army of the Khalsa or an army of the Sikhs or the army of Punjab – but an Army of God whose function was the protection and safeguarding of all the peoples of God regardless of religion, race or creed.

Mr. Khalsa makes an especially relevant point in that Sikhs themselves, who by their religion must protect the oppressed, have also become targets of madmen.

Khalsa continues:

Mr. Khalsa, in his lawsuit, argues that the “sword” goes beyond the literal object.

“Decrees from the Tenth Sikh Guru state in the most vigorous and clear words that a Sikh’s conception of God is the sword of dharma,” he argues. “Not only the sword but every weapon became an attributive symbol of God for the Sikhs.”

Again, keep in mind the tenets of their faith:

Sikhism teaches that all of humanity was created by the Onkar, which is addressed by many names and understood differently. Sikhism teaches to respect all other religions (tolerance) and that one should defend the rights of not just one’s own religion but the religion and faith of others as a human right. At the end of every Sikh prayer is a supplication for the welfare of all of humanity.  ( Tere Bhanne Sarbat Da Bhala )

Denying them modern arms is religious oppression:

The lawsuit also says that California’s laws infringe on the Second and 14th Amendment rights of Mr. Khalsa and others.

Mr. Khalsa, the suit reads, “fears arrest, criminal prosecution, incarceration, and fine if he were to possess loaded weapons with 11 or more round magazines within his home, within his vehicle on the streets, or within his temple. But his religious beliefs require no less.”

One of their religion’s core tenets, again, is defense of the rights one one’s own and of others’ faith, and defense from oppression for all.  Mr. Khalsa gets it.

First off, New York is offering $500 bounties on those who think they have rights:

ALBANY, N.Y. –  Nearly a year before signing the nation’s most stringent gun control measure into law, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo launched a hotline that allows state residents to report illegal gun owners in exchange for a $500 reward.

The measure is part of a four-pronged approach established by the governor’s office to reduce gun violence in urban communities, according to

Now that just about everything has been made illegal by the NY SAFE Act, the tyrants want you to turn in your neighbor – the only way they can get total control is through willing subjects who will help their masters eliminate all resistance.

The gun measure outlaws the purchase of any magazines that carry more than seven bullets, the nation’s most stringent limit. That would have put a severe limit on the sale of guns with industry-standard 10-bullet magazines when the provision of the law went into effect April 15.

10 rounds is not “industry standard”.  For modern rifles, 30 rounds is industry standard.  For modern pistols in .40 S&W, “standard” starts at 12 and goes up towards 17, for modern pistols in 9mm, “standard” starts around 13-15 rounds and goes up from there.  10 rounds is restricted.  7 rounds is further restricted.  All are infringements.

Next up, via HotAir, Bloomberg is back on the warpath and out for domination:

Democrats facing tough reelection races will either attract the ire of the National Rifle Association or prominent gun control activists such as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I). A vote against the ban could spark primary challenges that could weaken Democrats in the general election…

“People are not going to say, ‘That’s a tough vote for them, let’s not do anything,’ ” said Josh Horwitz, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. “There is a feeling that to win this thing we need all the Democrats. That means people who are in tough races in 2014 don’t get passes. I would expect issue ads and advocacy for all senators.”

For those who forgot, Josh Horwitz is the guy who says you’re a violent insurrectionist if you own an AR15.

And speaking of senators, Feinstein’s AWB was dumped by Reid, who won’t put it up for a vote.  I didn’t bother doing a story since it’s a non-story.  It’d be like a WWII news story saying “Japanese decide not to invade mainland US today”.  It’s meaningless, and ignores that Feinstein has already stated she will never give up in her quest to make sure that you, the citizen, is a disarmed subject with a boot stamping on your face forever, while she stays armed to the teeth to guard against you.  And she’s an idiot.

The “big surprise”, whch wasn’t, is that Harry Reid is “reversing course” and willing to introduce a bill that requires “universal background checks”, which means mandatory registration of all firearms.  Because, of course, that’s what “universal background checks” require in order to function.  Joe Manchin and Chuck Shumer agreed on that a couple weeks ago.

The Huffington Post reports, “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will introduce gun control legislation Thursday night that includes a proposal for universal background checks, a high-ranking source told The Huffington Post.”

The liberal website adds:

“The news will cheer up gun control advocates who were left despondent days ago after Reid announced the baseline bill would not include a ban on assault weapons. That measure, which is sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), will be considered as an amendment, diminishing its chances of ending up in the final bill produced by the Senate. A provision that would ban the production and sale of high-capacity magazines will also be considered as an amendment, the source said.

I’ll reiterate this small point – they want to ban standard capacity magazines.  “High” is a relative term, and used only to indicate the next target.  In NY, “high” became 8 or more rounds in a magazine.

m1 garand

That’s the M1 Garand.  It has 8 round clips (not magazines).  It had fewer rounds than contemporary weapons like the M1 Carbine, the Enfield No1 Mk III, the 1941 Johnson, and numerous other rifles.  It was a tool of freedom used to liberate Europe and the Pacific from National Socialist and Imperial tyranny.  Now, the 8 rounds it holds are “high” capacity for imperial socialist tyrants in New York… and soon, in your neighborhood thanks to federal dictates.

And yes, they do want background checks as a way to register your guns as a prelude to confiscation:

Schumer has insisted on record-keeping for all private gun sales, saying the files are needed to keep the system effective. That led to stalemated talks with conservative leader Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., who says the data would lead to federal records on gun owners.

If you want to arrest someone for a private sale you’ve outlawed, you have to keep track of all sales.  All guns must be known to the government.  And when they decide to drop down to 5 round magazines “FOR TEH CHILDRENZ!!!”, then they’ll know whose house to go to.

Outlining the first part of the plan, Cryan said the measure would limit the capacity of ammunition magazines from the current maximum of 15 to five.

They do want to ban everything.  They are out for domination.

Next up, the Hill says that some senators are feeling vulnerable because of all the talk of gun bans:

The Senate’s upcoming vote on the assault weapons ban is going to put vulnerable Democrats in a difficult spot.

Democrats facing tough reelection races will either attract the ire of the National Rifle Association or prominent gun control activists such as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I). A vote against the ban could spark primary challenges that could weaken Democrats in the general election.

Reid said Tuesday the proposal would not muster 40 votes, and interviews with rank-and-file lawmakers show that seems accurate.

A wave of Democratic defections on the assault weapons ban would not sit well with gun-control and liberal advocacy groups. They warn Democratic senators who vote to kill one of President Obama’s biggest priorities will suffer political repercussions.

But Reid is going to “compromise” and only put the tip in with magazine bans.  Just the tip, baby.

And look who shows up in this story again:

“People are not going to say, ‘That’s a tough vote for them, let’s not do anything,’ ” said Josh Horwitz, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. “There is a feeling that to win this thing we need all the Democrats. That means people who are in tough races in 2014 don’t get passes. I would expect issue ads and advocacy for all senators.”

These people are professional agents for the advancement of tyranny.  They work solely to strip you of your rights.  That’s what they do, that’s all they do.  Their entire lives are dedicated to disarming you “for your own good”.  They’re the enlightened, anointed, brilliant ruling class who think that the litany of historical disarmaments and genocide in the long run, and the demonstrable history of individual victimhood from smaller oppressors like criminals all somehow won’t apply this time, because shut up and “you must want to kill children”.

Next up, Joe Biden uses Rule for Radicals #5 – Ridicule is your most potent weapon:

When you go to [gun] registration, it raises all the black helicopter crowd notion that what this is all about is identifying who has a gun so that one day the government can get up and go the house and arrest everyone who has a gun, and they’ll cite Nazi Germany and all that.

Ha ha ha, they’re so stupid.  Godwin’s law, ha ha ha.

The administration Biden is part of ran guns to the narcoterrorist cartels in Mexico, resulting in the murders of hundreds of Mexican citizens and two US federal law enforcement agents.  The Obama administration has engaged in behavior that is wildly criminal.  Let’s just get that out there once again.

The thing is, that’s mockery.  And it’s also a lie.  It’s akin to the “so have you stopped beating your wife yet?” question.  It mocks and simultaneously derides anyone who brings up actual actions that are being taken by state governments right now.

SACRAMENTO — The California Senate approved a $24-million expenditure on Thursday to speed the confiscation of guns from people who have been disqualified from owning firearms because of criminal convictions or serious mental illness.

The neat thing about this program is that you lose your property and rights even if you’ve done nothing.

They had better luck in nearby Upland, where they seized three guns from the home of Lynette Phillips, 48, who’d been hospitalized for mental illness, and her husband, David. One gun was registered to her, two to him.

“The prohibited person can’t have access to a firearm,” regardless of who the registered owner is, said Michelle Gregory, a spokeswoman for the attorney general’s office.

In an interview as agents inventoried the guns, Lynette Phillips said that while she’d been held involuntarily in a mental hospital in December, the nurse who admitted her had exaggerated the magnitude of her condition.

Todd Smith, chief executive officer of Aurora Charter Oak Hospital in Covina, where documents provided by Phillips show she was treated, didn’t respond to telephone and e-mail requests for comment on the circumstances of the treatment.

Phillips said her husband used the guns for recreation. She didn’t blame the attorney general’s agents for taking the guns based on the information they had, she said.

“I do feel I have every right to purchase a gun,” Phillips said. “I’m not a threat. We’re law-abiding citizens.”

No one was arrested. Most seized weapons are destroyed, Gregory said.

Ignore her situation for the time being, even though it may be an injustice of sorts, and look at her husband’s.  He lost his rights and property and has done nothing.

With mandatory registration, when they decide to come for your guns for “your own good” like the willing subject Phillips was, who didn’t blame the AG for taking her rights and property, they can.  With mandatory registration, the next ban they pass will result in door-to-door confiscations.  Not all at once, but slowly, and rights will disappear.

Finally, from American Thinker:

Universal Background Checks: the Liberal Holy Grail

Feinstein’s assault rifle ban has been removed from the Senate gun-control bill. While that is good news, it was recognized from the beginning as a bridge too far. What has survived, and may well become law, all in the spirit of bipartisan compromise, will actually be far worse.

The goals of the left have always been shrouded in deception and misrepresentation. Hide your true agenda behind a deceitful argument and then, after grabbing power, do what you really meant to do all along.

Read the whole thing.  It’s a breakdown and explanation of why “universal background checks” become mandatory confiscation.

From the Sacramento Bee:

As senator, she led the campaign to pass the original federal assault weapons ban in 1994, but it expired in 2004, and she couldn’t attract enough support for renewal. The massacre of 20 elementary school children and six adults in Newtown, Conn., in December, so shocked and reviled the nation that she is trying again.

“This is something I’m deeply passionate about, and I believe it saves lives,” she said. “I don’t intend to stop.”

No, she doesn’t care.  It’s about control.  She believes in guns as defensive tools, for herself.  She believes you should be able to fistfight your rapist, or the gang of home invaders who bash down your door.

“She’s not afraid of guns,” said Susan Kennedy, a political consultant and former Feinstein aide.

After a militant anti-capitalist group called the New World Liberation Front unsuccessfully tried to bomb her house in the 1970s, Feinstein trained to use one.

“I know the urge to arm yourself, because that’s what I did,” she told Senate colleagues in 1995. “I made the determination that if somebody was going to try to take me out, I was going to take them with me.”

She understands.  She understands that you need to be dominated and controlled.  She is the Ruling Class, you are the peasant.

In April 1983, Feinstein faced a recall election in her first term as mayor, organized by a communist group that opposed a citywide handgun ban that she had signed.

The ban lost in court, but she won the recall with 81 percent of the vote.

“I don’t think this will stop anyone from filing against me, but I think anyone who does is going to be creamed,” Feinstein said at the time, daring anyone to challenge her in the November election. Again, she prevailed.

Read that first part again.  When even the communists are opposed to your gun bans, you’re so far in the wrong it’s insane.  And of course she won – that’s how the Ruling Class works.

If I could have banned them all…I would have!

– Diane Feinstein, who it’s good to remember is one of those rare people in California who’s a gun owner with concealed carry permit.  Stated on 60 Minutes, Feb 5 1995.

If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them… ‘Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in,’ I would have done it.

– Diane Feinstein on 60 Minutes.

Banning guns addresses a fundamental right of all Americans to feel safe.

– Diane Feinstein

It makes no one feel safe except for the fool who’s never been in danger.  Otherwise Feinstein would never have gotten a gun of her own – if being disarmed made her personally safe, she would’ve done so.  But it doesn’t.  It makes no one safe, except for the tyrant who controls the remaining guns.

We have seen this throughout history time and time again.  What we have seen is the relentless march of dictators and tyrants.  Now we see C.S. Lewis’s warning of the moral busybody tyrants – those who banned alcohol in the 1920s, those who want to ban soda and trans-fats in the 2000s and 2010s.  These are the same people, the omnipotent moral busybodies who believe that you need to be dominated and controlled – and they will dominate you because you need to be crushed under their heel for your own good.

Gun control, as always, is about control.

We’ve already covered how maniac cop Chris Dorner was anti-gun and for destruction of citizens’ rights as outlined in his manifesto (as well as destruction of individual citizens who he murdered).  Today, via the OC Register, gun control watchwords start popping up as gun control subtly rears its ugly head again:

Before his rampage against law enforcement, Christopher Dorner acquired a cache of weapons with a level of ease that surprised even him.

Authorities, court documents and those who met Dorner reported he owned a variety of firearms and accessories, and was trained in their use during his time in the Navy and the Los Angeles Police Department.

He was a criminal who violated countless laws and used his position as a law enforcement officer and military officer to violate the law.  That people who are issued guns by the state can find ways to abuse them is not really a surprise.

oleg volk government killing

Then they get to his evil rifle:

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department homicide unit has detailed the weapons recovered from Dorner in the Big Bear area, describing multiple assault weapons, including the .308-caliber sniper rifle.Sgt. Trevis Newport of the homicide division said the rifle, which was equipped with a scope, was a “very dangerous and high-powered weapon.”

dorner rifle

A .308 caliber sniper rifle, a very dangerous and powerful weapon, with a precision scope.

remington 700 deer rifle

Looks different with a wood stock instead of a lighter weight plastic one.

deer rifle hunter

Hey, it looks like that guy’s got one of those scary, very high powered and dangerous sniper rifles.  It’s even got black on it so it must be evil.

oleg volk sniper gun ban

The media thinks pretty highly of a multiple murderer spree killer maniac cop:

From his writing, Dorner showed himself to be a contradiction. He voiced support for politicians on both sides of the aisle, including presidents George H.W. Bush and Barack Obama. Even as he threatened gun violence, he called for stronger gun control laws to prevent mass shootings.High-capacity magazines, suppressors and rifles like the AR-15 are not necessary for sportsmen, he said.

“Who in their right mind needs a f—— silencer,” he wrote after describing how he had purchased several.

He compared semiautomatic rifles like the AR-15 to military weapons designed with only killing in mind. Naming the shootings at Virginia Tech, Columbine High School, the movie theater in Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn., he said gunmakers should be held responsible and loopholes in laws should be closed.

“In the end,” Dorner wrote, “I hope that you will realize that the small arms I utilize should not be accessed with the ease that I obtained them.”

To go back to the beginning – he was a cop.  So he had access to weapons that no one has access to.  As a cop with no prior record, he learned how to game the system and work around pre-existing laws.  As a cop, an authority of the state, he was able to gain people’s trust who otherwise might’ve just called the local authorities on him.  As a cop, he could fly armed on an airplane.

As a cop, cops can have silencers, cops have standard capacity mags, cops can have suppressors, cops carry AR15s.

Dorner was a cop – Dorner was a cop who murdered citizens.  Citizens do in fact need weapons to protect themselves from oppressors, large and small.

There’s no contradiction in being a statist-totalitarian, who would favor both Obama’s big government and Bush’s big government.  There’s no contradiction in someone who thinks he’s better than other people using force against them, while demanding they be disarmed.

Dorner is an example of why the citizenry should have weapons – because government, which is composed of people, some good and some bad, ultimately can’t be trusted.

And for the unaware, some European nations mandate silencers so you don’t irritate your neighbors.  They’re sound-suppressing devices so that guns aren’t going to blow your eardrums out.  Just like any other tool, they’re nicer when they’re quieter.

Nice to see that it’s being reported a bit more.

LAPD Spree Killer’s Supposed Full Manifesto Shows Support For Gun Control And President Obama

Police asked a Los Angeles Fox affiliate to remove the manifesto, originally reported to be that of alleged gunman Christopher Dorner, shortly after publishing.

The request from police indicates media outlets have been distributing and reporting on a highly edited version of the manifesto.

What’s missing are all the pro-leftist and pro-progressive talking points, already noted here and here.

Sooper Mexican has the whole thing (minus a bit of personal info).  He notes that there are a lot of sections that disappeared from the mainstream media’s reporting.  Some interesting highlights:

Mr. Vice President, do your due diligence when formulating a concise and permanent national AWB plan. Future generations of Americans depend on your plan and advisement to the president. I’ve always been a fan of yours and consider you one of the few genuine and charismatic politicians. Damn, sounds like an oxymoron calling you an honest politician. It’s the truth.

Hillary Clinton. You’ll make one hell of a president in 2016. Much like your husband, Bill, you will be one of the greatest. Look at Castro in San Antonio as a running mate or possible secretary of state. He’s (good people) and I have faith and confidence in him. Look after Bill. He was always my favorite President. Chelsea grew up to be one hell of an attractive woman. No disrespect to her husband.
Wayne LaPierre, President of the NRA, you’re a vile and inhumane piece of shit. You never even showed 30 seconds of empathy for the children, teachers, and families of Sandy Hook. You deflected any type of blame/responsibility and directed it toward the influence of movies and the media. You are a failure of a human being. May all of your immediate and distant family die horrific deaths in front of you.

Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, Pat Harvey, Brian Williams, Soledad Obrien, Wolf Blitzer, Meredith Viera, Tavis Smiley, and Anderson Cooper, keep up the great work and follow Cronkite’s lead. I hold many of you in the same regard as Tom Brokaw and the late Peter Jennings. Cooper, stop nagging and berating your guest, they’re your (guest). Mr. Scarborough, we met at McGuire’s pub in P-cola in 2002 when I was stationed there. It was an honor conversing with you about politics, family, and life.
If you continuously followed me while I was walking at dusk/night I would confront you as well. Too bad Trayvon didn’t smash your skull completely open, Zim.
He also has an entire section basically dedicated to making himself into a martyr for gun control (sentence breaks added, some crap removed to make it clearer):

If you had a well regulated AWB, this would not happen. The time is now to reinstitute a ban that will save lives. Why does any sportsman need a 30 round magazine for hunting? Why does anyone need a suppressor? Why does anyone need a AR15 rifle? This is the same small arms weapons system utilized in eradicating Al Qaeda, Taliban, and every enemy combatant since the Vietnam war. …

All the firearms utilized in my activities are registered to me and were legally purchased at gun stores and private party transfers. All concealable weapons (pistols) were also legally register in my name at police stations or FFL’s.

Unfortunately, are you aware that I obtained class III weapons (suppressors) without a background check thru NICS or DROS completely LEGALLY several times?  I was able to use a trust account that I created on quicken will maker and a $10 notary charge at a mailbox etc. to obtain them legally. Granted, I am not a felon, nor have a DV misdemeanor conviction or active TRO against me on a NCIC file. I can buy any firearm I want, but should I be able to purchase these class III weapons (SBR’s, and suppressors) without a background check and just a $10 notary signature on a quicken will maker program? The answer is NO. I’m not even a resident of the state i purchased them in. Lock n Load just wanted money so they allow you to purchase class III weapons with just a notarized trust, military ID.

NFA and ATF need new laws and policies that do not allow loopholes such as this. In the end, I hope that you will realize that the small arms I utilize should not be accessed with the ease that I obtained them. Who in there right mind needs a fucking silencer!!! who needs a freaking SBR AR15? No one. No more Virginia Tech, Columbine HS, Wisconsin temple, Aurora theatre, Portland malls, Tucson rally, Newtown Sandy Hook. Whether by executive order or thru a bi-partisan congress an assault weapons ban needs to be re-instituted. Period!!!

Mia Farrow said it best. “Gun control is no longer debatable, it’s not a conversation, its a moral mandate.”

Sen. Feinstein, you are doing the right thing in leading the re-institution of a national AWB. Never again should any public official state that their prayers and thoughts are with the family. That has become cliche’ and meaningless. Its time for action. Let this be your legacy that you bestow to America. Do not be swayed by obstacles, antagaonist, and naysayers. Remember the innocent children at Austin, Kent, Stockton, Fullerton, San Diego, Iowa City, Jonesboro, Columbine, Nickel Mines, Blacksburg, Springfield, Red Lake, Chardon, Aurora, and Newtown. Make sure this never happens again!!!

In my cache you will find several small arms. In the cache, Bushmaster firearms, Remington precision rifles, and AAC Suppressors (silencers). All of these small arms are manufactured by Cerberus/Freedom Group. The same company responsible for the Portland mall shooting, Webster , NY, and Sandy Hook massacre.

So he thinks he’ll be the madman that goes off and kills a whole lot of people to prove that if you trust anyone with guns, there will be murders.  So because he decided to be a madman, a martyr for the cause, then the government must crack down on everyone.  He complains about the LAPD being corrupt, but then decides to go on a murdering rampage… so he can make the LAPD more powerful.  He’s a nut.

All it proves is you can’t trust cops or even military officers with guns, because they might go on some crazed manifesto-driven rampage and murder all kinds of people out of spite.

Whole thing can also be found at CrimeFileNews.

Update: He’s also got supporters now, who love that he went out and killed the daughter of his old captain… because murdering people who’ve done you no wrong is how the weakling powerless Sandy Hook shitbags of the world deal with their problems.  Like Dorner, and like these assholes on Twitter.

He also notes he likes George W. Bush’s neocon-ness.  So he’s a progressive, as well as a leftist race-card playing “I’m a victim” murdering shitbag who lashes out in a temper tantrum like Adam Lanza or Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold or any other of the petulant spree murderers he thinks he’s nothing like.