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I’ll believe it when I see it at this point.

Via HotAir, from WSJ:

The managers recommended for termination, according to people familiar with the matter, are Mark Chait, former assistant director for field operations; William McMahon, who oversaw field operations in the Western U.S.; William Newell, former chief of the ATF’s Phoenix office; and George Gillett, the No. 2 official in the ATF’s Phoenix office.

Bill “Gunwalker Bill” Newell was the guy the press and the White House went to every time they needed the 90% myth repeated.  That McMahon, Chait, and Gillett are maybe sometime in the future going to maybe lose their jobs and get their retirement is a good thing… if it ever happens.  They belong in prison.

That David “Border Patrol Agents and Sheriff’s Deputies are Eggs We Need to Scramble” Voth is still going to have a job is absurd, that director Melson will still have a job, and that Eric Holder and Barack “I’m Exercising Executive Priviledge Over Something I Claim To Know Nothing About Even Though I Knew About F&F Before Holder” Obama aren’t going to prison is pretty pathetic.

Issa, Gowdy, and Chaffetz are still on the job, but it would be nice to see some indictments and perp walks.

David Codrea at reports that for some reason Issa is accepting Deputy AG Grindler’s story about not telling AG Holder… which makes little sense:

“ … Grindler was appropriately faulted by his Department’s own Inspector General for keeping information about a connection between the murder of a Border Patrol Agent and a mishandled department operation away from the Attorney General and the Department of Homeland Security,” Issa asserted.

“We determined that Grindler learned on December 17, 2010, of the link between weapons found at the Terry murder scene and Operation Fast and Furious but did not inform the Attorney General about this information,” Issa quoted from the report. (Bear in mind another aide had informed Holder of the Terry murder the night it happened.)

That doesn’t make sense, since documents that would clear Grindler haven’t been released, and it’s far more likely, as Codrea notes, that Grindler did tell Holder, and that Holder and Obama were both aware (especially when Obama knew before Holder, as above).  Holder’s just been in spin mode from day one.

FOX News is reporting that the WSJ story’s supposed firings are just recommendations for hypothetical, maybe someday removals:

The move from the ATF’s review board is the first step in what could be a months-long process, including appeals.

For reference with regards to the amount of time that has passed, Brian Terry was murdered on Dec 14, 2010, by guns the ATF started smuggling in 2009.


The presidential race looks like it’s going to be a popular vote win for Romney, and an electoral vote win for Obama (at least as of right now), but there’s going to be some legal wrangling and recounts unless Romney concedes.

As anyone who’s followed The Patriot Perspective for more than a day knows, Operation Gunwalker/Fast and Furious are very, very important issues.  Two of the key congressmen involved in the House Oversight and Reform Committee are Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy, and both are staunch advocates for facts, pushing for the whole story of gunwalker and for accountability for the DOJ and ATF and the criminal operation they were running.

So the good news, if the preliminary reports of Obama winning re-election are right, is at least that Chaffetz and Gowdy have both won their respective districts.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

After relatively quiet campaigns, Republican Congressmen Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz appeared headed toward big wins in their races Tuesday.

Both were ahead in early unofficial returns, and both were projected as winners by the Utah Colleges Exit Poll.

And from AP State News on The Item:

The GOP’s Trey Gowdy has easily won a second term in South Carolina’s strongly Republican 4th District in Greenville and Spartanburg counties.

With about a third of precincts reporting, Gowdy had about 65 percent of votes cast in the three-way contest that included Democrat Deb Marrow and Green Party candidate Jeff Sumerel.

The long march towards accountability in the Gunwalker/Fast and Furious case goes on.