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The following Gentlemen in the following photo are Heroes. I served with them while being stationed at Camp Lejeune, N.C. while I was a member of 2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion. They gave their lives defending the freedoms that the majority of citizens of these United States hold dear. Please remember these men and all the others that have given their lives in all of our nation’s conflicts

If these men could say something to us today I believe it would be this:

I am not gone but Merely Reassigned. I am now part of an Elite Platoon Guarding the gates of Heaven awaiting your arrival. I will never forget you as I am sure you will never forget me, for as long as my name lives on your lips, my face in your mind, and my sacrifice in your Heart. My legacy will live on Forever as those who have served in this platoon before me. I am here a Marine and I gave my all to defend my Countries Freedom. I regret Nothing…….Semper Fidelis

(The above lines were borrowed from the Fraternal Order of Marines Facebook Page if you’d like to visit, the link is here.)

Have a great Memorial Day, remember why it is Memorial Day, not barbeque day.




 Chris Hayes from MSNBC:

I don’t know alot about this guy, it seems he has been around the liberal feeding trough for a while. But to not be able to call a man or woman who has died in defense of his freedom, “a hero” is pretty sad.  My question to him would be how is calling a fallen soldier or marine a hero a justification for more wars. I call it giving credit where credit is due. That includes all veterans and those who have fallen. These types of comments are probably why MSNBC’s ratings continue to decline.