David Gregory Violates DC Gun Law On National TV —– Update: CNN’s Don Lemon Admits To Breaking Gun Laws, Too? » david gregory meet the press ar15 magazine 121223

Posted: December 23, 2012 by ShortTimer | Full size is 399 × 306 pixels


  1. Fred Debros says:

    a guy who made Tony Snow cry on his last interview has ….no brain, no heart, no guts, no balls, no fortuitude. a despicable person no matter whathis cause

  2. Dianne Dane says:

    The idea behind combat style long arms and high capacity clips is for the citizenry to have armaments of the same capability as troops of a tyrannical force opposing their Constitutional liberty. As far as Gregory, send him to the Bastille until he learns the idiocy of prosecuting him for this infraction is as unfounded as his arguments to render the purpose of the second amendment impotent.

  3. David need not worry. Clearly, he is above the law. We are all equal, my dear comrades, but some are more equal than others. #Benghazi #MSM #Fail

  4. Jay Guthrie says:

    Excuse me but that look’s more like a 20 rd Magazine…..

  5. That looks to me like a 20 round mag, not a 30 round. I’m sure this guy didn’t know what a 30 round mag looked like.

    • ShortTimer says:

      It’s a 30 round magazine. They’re very distinct. Almost all 20-rounders are significantly shorter, lack the curve of the 30s, and have a sharply angled floorplate in relation to the magazine body.

      20 vs 30 round AR Magazines

      With the law the way it’s written, 20 rounds or 11 rounds or 1,000,000 rounds is irrelevant. Anything over 10 is illegal.

  6. Casey Myers says:

    I thought real journalists were supposed to simply report the news, not give their opinion on what should or shouldn’t be legal. The leftist mainstream media has become even more unhinged as of late and they don’t care who notices.

    • collinson4 says:

      David Gregory didn’t get his chair on Meet the Press by being a journalist – he’s not one. He got it by being a spokesman and advocate for his company’s position, that is, the position of GE/NBC.

  7. Ahhh,lets lock up Stretch I rememeber when bush the elder held ounces of crack on TV to illlistrate his point ,shouldn`t we lock him up too?

    • ShortTimer says:

      I bet you he didn’t just have one of his staffers go get it for him.

      Though if you want to discuss getting rid of byzantine and stupid drug laws and decriminalization, that’s a whole other can of government worms.

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