Brandon Webb’s Opinions On The Second Amendment and The NRA: Part 2

Posted: December 18, 2013 by ShortTimer in Guns, Leftists, Second Amendment

Let’s start with one of the most recent, as it’s one that’s changed in the last week.  I have some commentary on these, but screenshots and links are provided so you can see these statements of his in their original location.

Brandon Webb wrote a forward to a piece called “America and the Gun Civilization” here, wherein he lamented the unwillingness of people to engage in “intelligent conversation”.  The link can still be found via webarchive.  Why is it gone from his blog?  Good question.

webb b1

Brandon Webb wrote a piece on his “The Loadout Room” where he stated his opinion of the NRA quite clearly in the first paragraph – unless it’s out supporting MIL/LEOs, he views it with utter contempt:

webb nra sucks

The rest of the post is a grudging “the NRA doesn’t totally suck, because they do things for military and law enforcement”… who seem to be the only people that Webb and his SOFREP pals think should own firearms.

Webb and MikeS1X, a contributor to Webb’s SOFREP website, engaged in a discussion on twitter with a firearms enthusiast UtesByFive who made a record of the conversation here.  It can be read fairly easily at the link, but in case that disappears (like Webb’s post up above that no longer appears on his website), screenshots for posterity.

webb b2webb b3webb b4webb b5 webb b6webb b7webb b8

MikeS1X is a friend of Webb’s and a contributor to Webb’s SOFREP website.

MikeS1X 1

Webb called MikeS1X in to continue the discussion.  It shows what kind of company he keeps, and who he’d invite to address a discussion.  Someone who views civilian firearms ownership as a privilege to be regulated by government, and someone who views modern arms in leftist terms as “weapons of war” and demands restrictions.

mike six cIt gets worse from there (I do recommend reading the whole thing) as MikeS1X views anyone who’s not part of his elite club of as worthy of contempt, then laughs about stringing someone along and being an asshole, but this is about Webb, not his asshole buddies – though it is important to note the company he keeps.  (And he does keep some very anti-gun company.)

Webb offers his “A Navy SEAL Sniper’s Perspective on Firearms Ownership and the NRA in America” on his SOFREP blog complete with contempt for people who’ve called him out:

webb fanatic

He starts off by saying that he only joined the NRA in 2005 because he wanted to go to a Range Development Course to open up his own range.  In short, he had the opportunity to get something from the NRA, and he did so.  Now he views the NRA and NRA members with utter contempt for questioning him – he being someone who was unfamiliar with firearms, who was only trained in a regimented, structured, ordered institution; and who eventually led that regimented, structured, ordered institution and now he wants to push that on everyone in the name of compromise.

Webb’s piece on school shootings can still be found here… but screenshots in case it vanishes:

webb gun problem 1

The US vs Japan thing a common leftist talking point, but one that fails when one ignores the massive differences between ethnically and culturally homogenous Japan and the melting pot that is the US and the respective histories of the two countries.  It’s a failure of an argument that’s been taken apart many times before.

webb gun problem 2

The NRA did something productive.  It’s called the School Shield program.

Webb for one is pulling a leftist talking tactic, where he ignores what’s really going on, ignores the actions the NRA did, then sets up his own argument accuses the people he wishes to defeat (in this case the NRA proper) of actions or inaction in order to benefit from it.  He’s making up a story and then writing himself as the hero.

And the comparison of RKBA and slavery is still baffling.


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