Gunwalker Update: ATF’s Operation Facebook and Furious » atf facebook & furious 160106 get off this page

Posted: January 6, 2016 by ShortTimer | Full size is 463 × 829 pixels

  1. Tyler Sonny says:

    Obummer crying on TV just priceless , what a complete and utter clown . Sure lets bring in a couple hundred thousand Muslims – Government will be able to add a few more Alphabet Agencies & really ratchet up the war on Terrorism – Obummer said My New Health Care Plan will be awesome – sure it is if you are an Illegal , political refugee , or a lifetime Goberment Teat Sucker – But if you work and pay taxes and live a healthy lifestyle – yep your f*****d

    Only wayOBummer got elected is because of Electronic Voting – we can thank that totally bogus & orchestrated ‘ Hanging Chad Caper for them easily programmable voting machines . Some things are just better done the old fashioned way – Paper Ballots counted by you and me and these ballots never leave the room !

    End the Gun Free Zones – especially at our schools and military bases – begin gun safety classes in our schools again and stop the Doctors from issuing all those Psychotropic Meds that 97% of these shooters are on

    How did Israel stop all those terrorist attacks in their schools ? They ended gun free zones , they armed & trained the teachers , administrators , school staff and in fact pay them extra if they maintain a marksmanship rating at the range –

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